Obarter Scooter Recently Launched Obarter X7 8000W Off-Road Electric Scooter with Max Speed of 56mph For Pro Riders

Obarter Scooter Recently Launched Obarter X7 8000W Off-Road Electric Scooter with Max Speed of 56mph For Pro Riders

The Obarter X7 Super Electric Scooter takes thrill seekers beyond their wildest expectations with its furious speed and extended range that builds on top of the previous model.
Obarter scooter produce various version scooters,such as obarter x7 focusing on high power electric scooters, high velocity, safe and firm, reasonable cost and acceptable services.

Shenzen, Guangdong – Obarter launched the newly manufactured version Obarter X7. Obarter is a manufacturing company which produces electric scooters. The company provides high power charged, protected, firm, and high velocity scooters. Recently Obarter presented the X7 version for pro riders. The scooter has incredible features that shows it is different from others. It permits the riders to partake at a furious speed along with brilliant stability. The Obarter X7 scooter has rough terrain capability. The company manufactures X7 versions with ultra strong dual engines each with a pinnacle result of peak power 8000W. Obarter X7 provides a high speed of 56 mph/90 kph.

Obarter makes X7 with 2WD framework which gives better holds and distributes capacity to both wheels all time to the riders.  It has a powerful suspension framework which gives the riders additional certainty while going romping. The company gives a powerful braking framework in the manufacturing of Obrater X7. It introduced this feature with double LED, digital LCD display specialities. The riders can fold it for better movability. Obarter X7 Super E-Scooter is more trending for its surprising features.

The Obarter X7 is the perfect scooter for professionals. It has an output of 8000W and can go up to 56mph with range 124 miles! This electric scooter comes equipped in 14″ pneumatic tires so you will never feel uncomfortable on uneven terrain or when going after big tasks like construction work that require more than just ordinary bikes could do it efficiently.

The new obarter x7 was launched recently by obarter but they’ve been working hard at bringing out high-quality products since long before then

Obarter X5 is also an innovation of the Obarter brand. The company manufactures X5 scooters with great features which work tremendously. The Obarter X5 scooter gives powerful performance to the riders. It offers multiple capability control framework and super long lasting duration. The users can charge the scooter with high speed. It has dual headlights which gives full brightness while riders are on the road. The company added a brake system in the production of the X5 scooter. Obarter X5 designed as movable folding, the riders can put anywhere easily. The company not only focuses on the production but also centers around the price. The company introduced it at a reasonable price.

Obarter X1 is an earlier invention of the Obarter. X1 scooter gives strong performance while the riders partake off roading. The riders can charge X1 quickly for long endurance. Obarter manufactures X1 with an Aluminum body provided with a strong 800W brushless engine. It is an electric foldable scooter which makes it amazingly compact and simple to use and store. It has laser cannon headlight which enhances the safety. The scooter provides disc braking mechanism on front and back tyres. The company designed the obarter X1 at an affordable cost.

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OBARTER is an experienced R&D engineer, with the cooperation of university scientific research institute they are professionally engaged in industrial design and electrical engineering for Electric Scooter. They have all kinds advanced manufacturing equipments as well testing instruments that enables them to produce high quality product at low cost while meet customer expectation.

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