Best Budget Home Gym Equipment to Make Fitness a Habit

Working out every day has been part of the routine of many people. However, going to the gym can be expensive and kind of awkward for some people. If one could work out at home and don’t need a bunch of equipment, that would be great. Here comes INITIAL-FORCE adjustable dumbbell from 15 to 55lb, which can be used for arm workouts as well as full body workouts. INITIAL-FORCE is a high-end fitness equipment brand founded 10 years ago and has been providing strength and fitness equippment for world’s top gyms. Its adjustable dumbbell is becoming increasingly popular with more and more users.

The advantages of INITIAL FORCE adjustable dumbbells are wide and varied.

  • Easy to Store & 1 Sec Adjustment – INITIAL FORCE adjustable dumbbell training tool can be set to different weights, from 15 to 55 lbs and it’s easy to adjust from different weights within seconds. Due to its adjustable features, it is great for saving space and is easy to store.


  • Non-Slip and Stable – INITIAL-FORCE adjustable dumbbell features a durable non-slip textured handle, which will provide additional security so the user can enjoy his workout process safely. The handle will not rotate once the adjustable dumbbell leaves the base. The dumbbell parts will not come off, so the overall stability is greater and training exercises are more accurate for the user’s safety.


  • Upgraded Design – INITIAL-FORCE adjustable dumbbell weight plates are covered and frosted for virtually no wear and tear and no odor. The dumbbell design locks the weighted dumbbell in place with 8 locking notches to ensure that the dumbbell is fully secured. 

  • Multifunction – The wider weight range of the free weights allows the user to perform high weight strength training as well as low weight muscular endurance training. With adjustable weights for a variety of exercises, this dumbbell set includes almost all parts of the body for muscle training, therefore it’s ideal for a full body workout.

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