Nerdrums – The Future Is Now, It’s Time to Decentralize

Nerdrums - The Future Is Now, It’s Time to Decentralize

For every business to grow or for the launch of its products, the right type of advertisement is as important as the products of the business. When launching a new business or product one must think about how you can effectively advertise it so that it can reach more people. Newsletters provide a very good option for advertising, whether it is your business or your products, newsletters can help you grow tremendously. If you are also looking for the right company to help you grow then Nerdrums is your perfect choice.

About Nerdrums

The main mission of Nerdrums is to help businesses and companies advertise their products and their services and at the same time provide the best options to the customers. They work as a consultant and advisory with many other businesses and help them to scale their products and services. Nerdrum is about to launch its research and analysis newsletter called Decentralized Economy. This newsletter is based on in-depth research of today’s economy, the blockchain web3 technology and the different sectors of business that can be disrupted by blockchain.

Nerdrums also aim to build a community in order to research and analyze the economy, identify the companies and technologies while considering the interests of people. They aim to change necessary changes in the world of advertisement in order to bring boost in the economic growth through honest and transparent business practices.

Their goal is to help educate business owners, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists about the impact of blockchain risks vs. rewards and where these companies are now in comparison to where they are going. Similar to the dot-com boom, there is a significant web3/blockchain technology shift. While still in its infancy, some creative minds behind the scenes are building out the next version of Nerdrum’s web and software applications, with data transparency being the driving force.

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