Trish Arrowsmith’s new book, False Reflections, reveals rare insight into the thought processes people can go through to protect themselves from harmful situations

False Reflections is book 2 in the Altered Views Duology

The United States, September 26, 2022– Drawing on exposure, research, and personal experience, Trish Arrowsmith’s new book, False Reflections, is a well-detailed story that reveals possible events that can lead to a person’s desire for control and their need to be loved, even if it’s forced. False Reflections is book 2 in the Altered Views Duology.

While book 1 presented a situation where the abuser is seen as a horrible person, people often forget they also have a history. Book 2, False Reflections, focuses on the abuser’s past and lays out the foundation for why they became the person they are.

With the recent focus on mental health in the US, this duology narrows in on many different aspects of domestic violence. It shows what can happen when one has a strong support system, and how easy it can be to become a victim of such abuse, ranging from gaslighting, manipulation, control, and physical abuse, but also highlights how the cycle of abuse can continue from one generation to the next.

Elaborating more on why the book is essential, the author explained that “False Reflections shows the thought processes we can go through to protect ourselves from harmful situations and how an individual will respond and adjust differently than someone else who experiences the same events.” 

Praise for book 1: “Distorted Perception” is a slow-building, multi-layered, gripping, and complex story that has a great mixture of intrigue, secrets, deceit, manipulation, dark pasts, suspenseful twists and turns, and enough tension and drama that will keep the reader thoroughly engaged and riveted until the surprising conclusion,” JerseryGirlBookReviews, a book reviewer.

Trish is optimistic that this duology will shed light on both sides of a domestic violence situation. It will provide insight into how one finds themselves in this type of situation, why it’s so hard to leave, and how one becomes the dominant force in the relationship. She hopes that if one reader recognizes any of these signs in a real-life relationship and it motivates them to take action, the mission will be accomplished.

False Reflections is available on Amazon. For more information, contact Trish Arrowsmith on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter.

About the book

Maxwell wasn’t born a monster. He was a warrior, a protector. As a child, from an outsider’s perspective, he had a perfect life. He got good grades, he was a star athlete, and he had a loving family. But behind the façade of their luxurious home and black-tie events, the Lewis family harbored dark secrets. Maxwell often found himself in a position where he needed to not only protect himself but also his younger brother, from the people who were supposed to have their best interests in mind.

As he grew, he learned more about his family and the secrets hidden within. He knew, without his help, his brother would never be safe. At eighteen years of age, Maxwell found himself with a decision to make: he could keep the secrets to himself and continue on the way he had been, or he could use the knowledge to his advantage and create the life he knew he deserved.

About the Author

Trish has degrees in sociology and behavioral sciences, and a strong background in psychology. She is an advocate for mental health. She’s also a firm believer that society must stop trying to make people fit neatly into a little box, as every individual will adapt, adjust, and grow differently, even when faced with the same circumstances/traumas.

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