Real Estate Investment Trust Cascadia Green REIT Is Set To Present At The Prestigious Vancouver Club On October 5th.

Cascadia Green REIT will be presenting to west coast investors at a REIT event hosted by the Vancouver Club next month. Cascadia Green REIT’s diverse offerings and extensive experience will provide invaluable information.

Cascadia Green REIT is an expert on Real Estate Investment Trusts. The Canadian-based group is an unincorporated real estate mutual trust fund company. Located in Vancouver, they have a goal to help fix the housing crisis in their city. 

Cascadia Green REIT already has an extensive network of multifamily properties in its pipeline. Their connections and existing network help clients develop their portfolios at lower costs than may be available elsewhere. 

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real Estate Investment Trusts are a way to pool funds for one significant investment that individual investors would otherwise be unable to purchase. These individuals get the benefits of having an investment without any hassles. 

The real estate mutual trust fund company does purchase, manages, and finances the properties. These investments could be any property, from apartment complexes to healthcare facilities and hotels. 

The Cascadia Green REIT difference

Cascadia Green REIT specializes in multifamily properties. They manage the leasing strategies for their clients, providing profits to their investors without the investors needing to put in any additional efforts for the property itself. 

Cascadia Green REIT was founded to help solve the housing crisis in metro Vancouver. They’re working with investors to create more apartment and multifamily homes as spaces for the Vancouver population to find housing. 

Both those renting these apartments and the investors in the properties benefit from the added spaces, working together to solve the housing crisis. 

Cascadia Green REIT has more than just multifamily properties in its portfolio. They’ve reached over $580 million in managed properties. With fifteen successfully executed projects, they’re the recipient of multiple awards from the Homebuilders Association of Vancouver. They’re also the recipient of several awards from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC.

Upcoming events

Cascadia Green REIT is well known for its experience and goals to aid the Vancouver community. This is why the Vancouver Club, located in the heart of Vancouver, has asked them to speak at their October 5th event. 

They’ll be presenting to their west coast investors with their expertise in the real estate investment trust field. 


Cascadia Green REIT is making a massive difference in real estate investment trusts and the Vancouver housing market. Their specialized approach and extensive experience make them a clear choice for investors. 

Their average net return for investors is nine to thirteen percent with open-ended terms. Their executive board has worked together for a long time and is highly motivated to provide the best investment opportunities for all their clients. 

They will be presenting to their investors at the Vancouver Club on October 5th. 

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