International Model Mike Mains Began As A Sponsored Skateboarder And Is Now Hitting New Highs With His Professional Modeling Work

Mike Mains has built an incredibly successful career as a male model, following more humble beginnings. As a commercial model, he’s found the perfect role for his talents.

Models have a far more critical job than many realize. They are the foundation of the fashion and advertising world. It is through their talents and work that millions of dollars in clothing and products are sold every year. Many begin at a young age, going directly into editorial work or taking on the runway. 

Originally from Toronto, Mike Mains didn’t start out his modeling career in the expected place. He started out as a sponsored skateboarder. After working in his sport for a while, he was scouted at age 26. From there, his career took off to become what it is today. This international male model has seen incredible growth in his modeling, with agencies representing him in multiple countries as he continues to climb in popularity and success. 

An impressive career

Mike Mains may have begun his career later than most, but that didn’t stop him from seeing rapid success in the commercial modeling world. After being discovered at 26, he quickly landed his first set of jobs, and his career took off from there. 

Mike Mains is now an international commercial model. He is represented by well-known agencies like Next Models Canada, Elite Models in Miami, First Model Management in the UK, and more. He’s modeled for companies all across the globe, from commercial images to magazine advertisements. He’s even had multiple editorial pieces to showcase his talents. 

He’s done many incredible photoshoots as well as artistic video commercials, showcasing his multifaceted abilities as a model. When captured from any angle, in photos or video, he proves how much work and determination he’s put into his career to become the international model he is today. 

Business outside of modeling

Mike Mains has made a name for himself as a male model, but that isn’t his only successful career. With a history in sports and modeling, he’s become an expert in fitness. He’s expanded his fitness regime out to become a coach for others. 

As a fitness coach, he takes on a limited number of clients to help them meet their own health goals. He showcases his workouts and provides inspiration for others on his Instagram page. There are even a few posts with unconventional workouts like chopping wood outside in his home country of Canada. 


From breathtaking photos to video commercials, Mike Mains is able to provide exactly what any photographer or videographer is looking for when shooting a male model. He’s seen great success in the commercial modeling world and has gone from a sponsored skateboarder to an international male model. 

With shoots for brands like Pacifica or editorial pieces with photographers like Patrick Lacsina, he has an extensive resume and portfolio. He’s proof that how one starts doesn’t matter as long as they have the talent and abilities needed to shine. 

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