Grow Fresh Herbs and Salad Greens Anywhere, Anytime With Veggroom’s Verda Garden

Veggroom is launching Verda Garden, an indoor hydroponic garden system to grow fresh vegetables year-round. Verda Garden’s innovative, smart indoor garden provides an easy way for people to grow their own food in the comfort of their own home. Designed for those who lead busy lifestyles but still want home-grown, fresh food, the Verda Garden system requires minimal effort for maximum results. The product’s fully automatic LED light system and the need to only add water every 2 weeks make for a low-maintenance garden system. Veggroom’s revolutionary new product, Verda Garden, provides a simple, multi-functional, stylish garden system to effortlessly grow fresh food anywhere, anytime. 

Self-sustaining indoor garden systems that provide nutritious foods year-round are the future of food production. The ability to grow food in any place provides individuals, families, and restaurant owners the opportunity to produce healthy vegetables for their unique needs. 

Designed for hassle-free, efficient growing conditions, the Verda Garden system grows food 40% faster than other conventional growing methods. The full spectrum LED grow light mimics natural sunlight to provide optimal growing conditions no matter the time of year. The system’s quiet air pump also provides plenty of oxygen for vegetables to grow larger than traditional gardening methods. Using only grow medium, seeds, nutrients, water, and electricity to properly run the Verda Garden, this gives user’s a cost-effective way to grow their own food.

The Verda Garden is a multi-functional gardening system that serves as a stylish home decor piece. People can use this product as both a garden system and a mobile table with wheels to move anywhere in their home. The product’s stackable and expandable flexibility also allows users to easily grow more food by attaching more garden systems vertically or horizontally. 

The interior design elements of this product allow people to seamlessly integrate their indoor garden anywhere, providing a multi-purpose, interactive home decor piece that can stand alone or fit inside their existing furniture. Simply remove the pillars and attach the light system easily to the bottom of any shelf with a shelf-to-shelf distance between 30-60cm. This adds life and greenery to any space.

User-friendly features such as a ruler along the garden pillars to measure plant height, an easy water drainage hole, a water indicator to show when its time to refill the system, and covers to block plant openings not being used are just some of the many design elements that showcase the Verda Garden’s intricate attention to detail.

Veggroom envisions indoor hydroponic garden systems to be the future of food production. Providing accessible food options, reducing the world’s carbon footprint, and providing healthy foods for communities worldwide create a healthier future with delicious vegetables grown anywhere.  

Enjoy nutritiously delicious home-grown vegetables with Veggroom’s Verda Garden.  Efficiently grow more food faster with Verda Garden’s simple, low-maintenance garden system to nourish their body with fresh food people grew themselves.

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