7 Ways To Create A White Monotone Décor Theme In Living Room

White is a timeless colour that one can never go wrong with it. May it be white apparel, white fixtures or home décor, white is one of the most preferred monochromatic colours. With the luxury home décor market growing at alarming rates to reach US $27 billion in 2027, now is the best time to bring your dream home to life. If you are looking to spruce up a white living room, here are some fun ideas to leverage this neutral colour while infusing your décor with some character and definition.

Play With Patterns

Oftentimes, homeowners mistake monochromatic living rooms for mundane and boring décor. A monochromatic room need not be understated or subtle. Allow your imagination to run wild by playing with unique patterns across the living room. Patterns can be quirky, geometric or simply abstract. Paintings, upholstery, curtains, rugs and cushions are some of the many ways to introduce patterns in a monochrome room. Patterns are a great way to infuse your personality into a living room. They also balance our monochrome design beautifully, ensuring your home doesn’t look boring or busy.


Invest In A White TV Unit

Furniture and fixtures in the living room have evolved to a great extent, but nothing has quite stuck around as much as a white TV unit. A white TV unit is an ode to your monochromatic living room interiors, reinstating the look you are aiming for. Opt for a high-gloss polyurethane finish white TV unit with opaque shutters that not only offer plenty of storage space but also give a neat and minimalistic silhouette. The great thing about white TV units is that they can be the perfect accompaniment for bold rugs, cushions, couches or other elements of a living room with their quaint and understated finish. Opt for a white TV unit if you aim to create a minimalistic and monochrome living room.

Experiment With Texture

What better way to unwind at the end of a hard day than lying on a plush velvet settee in your living room? That is only possible by experimenting with different textures across your space. Textures such as silk, velvet and satin not only usher in a sense of calm and comfort in your mind, but they are also great options to add character to your living room. Explore texture through curtains, couch upholstery, cushions, rugs and more. You can stick to the same colour scheme and let the look and feel of the surface grab all the attention. Using a two-tone colour and working up on textures is also a great way to decorate a modern living room. 

Add Accents

Trust accents to compliment your love for monotone colours by adding some subtle character to a living space. Simple yet elegant accents for living rooms can give your interiors the wow factor without robbing the spotlight away from your monochromatic décor. Some sure-shot winners in accent pieces include some metallic detailing in the form of an artefact, a metallic side table or even something as simple as upholstery studs. You can also explore timber accents in the form of elegant side tables, wall frames or a statement display unit. Do not underestimate the impact some interesting accents can have in offering that much-needed contrast to your monotone living room décor. 

Introduce Indoor Plants

The beauty about indoor plants in terms of aesthetics is that they can blend in with almost any kind of décor theme. Your monochromatic living room could do well with a burst of colour and character by introducing some chic indoor plants. Place these plants by your windows or entrance for maximum effect. A statement tall plant such as monstera or yucca is perfect to grab those eyeballs. Opt for a plant that demands little effort in terms of upkeep and is safe to have around children and pets.

Create A Statement Wall

Infuse your personality and family vibe into your living room by creating a statement display wall. Allow this space to flaunt your collective personality as a family by putting up beautiful captures, favourite quotes, prized football jerseys, a cosy bookshelf or anything that defines you and your family individually and collectively. Not only are these things great conversation starters, but they are also subtle elements of colour, texture, pattern and personality in your living room that can offer a unique contrast to your monochrome interiors.

Choose Statement Lighting Pieces

Allow For Plenty of Sunlight

White is a colour that gets its charm by reflecting plenty of sunlight. The more natural light you feed white surfaces, the brighter your entire living room will be. Create plenty of natural light sources through doors, windows, ceiling windows and other inlets of natural light. This is certain to give your white surfaces plenty of traction and beauty.

Wrap Up

We hope the above ideas give you plenty of inspiration to put together a white monochrome living room!

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