Donnell “Jigga” McFadden Breathes Colors Onto a DSNY Sanitation Truck

Donnell "Jigga" McFadden Breathes Colors Onto a DSNY Sanitation Truck

Known for his epic art in shoes, Donnell “Jigga” McFadden takes a bigger canvas as he gets selected as one of the best artists from 240 participants chosen to design five trucks for the DSNY Sanitation Truck’s Truck of Art event. The milestone is already gaining waves and amplifying his unique and creative perspective across the art world.

The DSNY Sanitation Truck piece is his way of giving back to his community, bringing color to the streets he grew up and loved with a colorful interpretation of his passion for humanity. Jigga has always used his talent to change lives, and his masterpiece for Truck of Art is no exception, highlighting that it is yet another avenue for his philanthropy. 

“The blueprint is like a preparation for success,” Jigga said when asked about his inspiration for his project for DSNY. “I strive to give my community the recognition it deserves through a representation that best expresses hope. Showing the world that anything is possible if you just believe,” the artist added.

Growing up in poverty, Jigga thrived as a prodigy with a unique eye for seeing the world; his perspective was always filled with curiosity, creativity, and perseverance. He always found ways to look for silver linings in the darkest circumstances, and art became his guiding light. He recalled how he dreaded going home from a friend’s house but delighted in the idea of playing with cut-out wrestling characters and using them as action figures with his brothers. Jigga found ways to make the most out of his resources, and it served as the foundation for the greater things he was meant to accomplish later on in his life. 

After moving to the Bronx, NY, in 2001 with his family, he was welcomed by a melting pot of brilliant talents, which sparked his love for basketball. From there, his passion for designing jerseys and shoes grew until he found himself tied with a brush, and shoes became his canvases, personalizing them for players and even for ordinary people who wanted to stand out with custom pieces. 

When his daughter came into the world, Jigga pushed his career into full throttle, and in the early days of his journey, his works were housed by the Art Institute of NY, including his first major project, which was a tribute to his daughter Jordan. 

One day, watching his daughter Jordan color a pair of Timbaland shoes with a marker sparked his creativity to paint his own. Wearing them on a random day doing an errand in a store, Jigga found himself and his art being admired by a potential client who wanted the same thing for herself, marking the birth of his brand and his legacy, and the rest is history.

Jigga’s custom shoes have been worn by many celebrities and A-listers, including Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Swae Lee, Meek Mill, Jim Jones, Snoop Dogg, Jeff Hamilton, YG, NBA Young Boy, Kehlani, Lil Uzi, and Chris Brown. 

Along with four other artists, Jigga is beyond thrilled to be one of the creative minds to bring life to five NY garbage trucks and give his community a reason to smile in these trying times.

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