Mox Skincare Debuts Powerful Range of Topical Products For Men

Mox Skincare collection is about powerful skin nutrition, in a simple system, to provide healthy and firm looking skin at no effort.

Even though there has been some form of improvement over the years, men’s skincare is still nascent. A shocking number of men are still washing their face as they wash the rest of their body–with bar soap in the shower. And it’s not their fault, the skin care industry has not been talking to men. Skincare brands have made the process seem overly complex with 12-step beauty systems, and they have primarily been speaking to and highlighting women.  We know many men put great effort into their health and nutrition, and Mox is bridging the gap to bring a simple, powerful skincare formula to men. 

Mox Skincare has come up with what it dubs “the multivitamin designed for your face”. This formulation is designed by a pharmacist and nutritionist to feed the skin the vitamins it needs to be strong, clear, and youthful. The company claims that it created an innovative molecular transdermal delivery system that drives nutrition down to the cell where all the magic happens. According to them, “By flooding cells with oxygen and skin-friendly Vitamins like A, C, E, D & K, skin grows stronger, firmer, and clearer and you get a healthy look that lasts.” In addition to using these proven anti-aging vitamins, Mox Skincare’s formulation is devoid of the fillers and fluff that is commonly used in the industry.  

Muscles get stronger when one exercises and eats. The human skin which responds to stress and nutrition is also no different. With this in mind, Mox’s nutrient-dense formulas is made to utilize lipophilic vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to penetrate the skin’s many layers and feed the living cells underneath. It is for this reason that all a man needs to get healthy skin is just two drops of its powerful serum. 

Thanks to Mox, skincare no longer has to be complicated and can be easily done in two steps: 

Step 1: Wash your face.
Step 2: Apply two drops of serum. 

Mox promises that one’s skin will look great with this upgrade, without much more effort.

For those who may still be skeptical about the brand, Mox offers a mini trial set, the Skin Nutrition Trail Set that can be accessed here

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