Kenny Tiller’s Crime Drama “Art of Hustle” is an Exposition of Real Life Occurrences, Revealing Hard and Deep Truths

The two actors who played major roles in Art of Hustle—Jarric Tucker and Kenny Tiller—not only delivered a masterpiece but elevated the work to film festival favorite status

Art of Hustle is a crime drama about Michael Roberson, a young star basketball player who falls into the manipulative tricks of drug kingpin Richard Brown. When Michael’s mettle is tested early on by being forced to be an accessory in a kidnap and murder, he must rise to the occasion and wade through the unfamiliar terrain he found himself. One thing fans and critics have not failed to identify is that the star actors in the movie did an excellent job of bringing these characters to life and making them relatable.

In Art of Hustle, Jarric Tucker played Michael Roberson and Kenny Tiller acted as Richard Brown, the drug kingpin. Both stars made the movie go beyond just something for the screens to reveal hard truths related to crime. Jarric Tucker acted as an innocent basketball star with dreams of making it big, but after he kneeled during the national championship game, those dreams were quickly stifled. Out of options, Michael turned to the manipulative drug kingpin Richard Brown for financial help. Jarric was no stranger to acting having experienced success in multiple roles. However, he knew that the role of Michael held a deeper impact.

When Kenny Tiller created Art of Hustle’s pilot, he aimed to use a drama about the backlash one could face being a social justice martyr and it was not long before the movie hit the bull’s eye. What felt like a regular crime drama has grown to become a film festival favorite. Tiller believed deeply that “Art of the Hustle” would connect with people on a deeper level than simple entertainment. Tiller understood the importance of shedding light on what happens to people who stand up for not only their race but for what’s right.

Whatever the reason, “Art of the Hustle” has established a strong following among viewers and critics alike. As the Indie Eye podcast stated “The characters are well-thought out. Each character means something to the show, and it makes for a great story and message”.

Art of Hustle is a finalist at the 17th annual Peachtree Village Film Festival. This adds to Kenny Tiller’s 16 Festival Awards and three festival selections.

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