American-Ugandan Singer Prince Nelson Gets Nominated for Three ZIKOMO awards in Lusaka, Zambia

Prince Nelson is an American-Ugandan singer, humanitarian, and founder of the Life in Jesus International Foundation. HRH_PRINCe Nelson was nominated for three ZIKOMO awards in Lusaka, Zambia recently.

With over two decades in the music industry, Prince Nelson is regarded as one of the most prolific artists in the United States. His original tunes are played in all seasons and occasions, from funerals and church festivals to birthday parties. 

Prince Nelson’s omnipresence across all music platforms keeps growing daily, with songs like Mbatumidde, Azaaliddwa, Let the Sparrows sing and Amaaso go Makambwe proving that they are timeless. 

According to Prince Nelson, the late Janice Joplin and Joe Cocker have been his idols throughout his formative years and have heavily impacted his musical life and sensibilities. 

Prince Nelson wrote, composed, produced, and directed each song in his catalog. They were first recorded at Vault Studios, Katy Freeway in Houston, Texas, a studio owned by Dave Williams. 

The guitars in Prince Nelson’s tracks were played by Mike MacMahon; drums by Dave Williams; saxophones by Gerald Gray and Landy Pollard of Houston who did the rest of the wind instruments while backups were done by Tamara, Tiffany, and Latoya Harrison led by their mother Claudia Harrison of Brookshire, Texas. 

One of Prince Nelson’s most critically acclaimed songs is Mbatumidde, in which Nelson sings about memories of home, wildlife, landscapes in green, and the aroma of culturally prepared food.

Another remarkably popular song in Nelson’s repertoire is a tune about a young Arab woman falling in love with a young boy; they grew up in the same neighborhood despite the objections of their parents. This tune is called “Amaaso go Makambwe”, which translates to “SCINTILLIATE EYES”.

Prince Nelson’s songs were recently remixed at JEEB Records by a famous Ugandan Engineer Crouch; additional guitars were added by Mike Ouma and more saxophones were recorded by Jose Sax. Mixing and mastering were done by Herbert Skills in the United Kingdom while videos were co-directed by Ugandan filmmaker KIM XP. 

In addition to being a globally renowned musician, Prince Nelson is also a scientist who invented mosquito repellant candles that helped with Malaria eradication, and author of a published biography “Behind Those Eyes”, and a philanthropist that spends most of his time with charitable causes. Prince Nelson is the founder of  Life in Jesus International Foundation to further his charitable efforts. 

His music reached the ZIKOMO Awards, an international award ceremony acknowledging and celebrating individuals and organizations who have made an impact in various industries. ZIKOMO Awards was founded by Daniel Blessington, a European-raised -Zambian business mogul who wanted to recognize and promote underappreciated and unsung heroes of Africans both at home and in the diaspora. ZIKOMO Awards will be held in Lusaka on the 15th of October, 2022. 

More information about Prince Nelson is available on his website.

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