Hanover Marketing Has Put Together The Ultimate Guide For Utilizing Pinterest In Wedding Business Marketing

From the value Pinterest offers to how to use it, Hanover Marketing covers all the details in their guide for marketing wedding businesses with Pinterest. By utilizing this visual search engine, wedding businesses can boost their number of qualified sales leads.

Marketing for wedding businesses can be very different from standard marketing. Most of the time, the bride has a vision for what she wants, and everything has its place and theme. Many of the decisions are made on visuals, as the most important thing is how it will look with everything else. 

Hanover Marketing knows this, and they have used this knowledge to develop a guide on how wedding businesses can take advantage of Pinterest as an excellent visual marketing tool. The visual search engine can put their products and services in front of a much larger audience and, when used correctly, can begin bringing more qualified sales leads in. 

Hanover Marketing

Hanover Marketing is a digital marketing agency for businesses in the wedding industry. This full-service agency works closely with each client to come up with a complete marketing strategy that suits the individual needs of that business. 

Hanover Marketing knows the wedding industry well because they’re also part of it. Hanover Celebrations is a wedding planning company that is able to help provide Hanover Marketing with inside information on what couples are looking for in their wedding vendors. 

Both businesses are run by the married dream team, Justin and Lindsay. Together these industry experts are bringing the best to wedding marketing. 

The Pinterest Marketing Strategy guide

The free guide from Hanover Marketing walks wedding businesses through every step needed to turn Pinterest into their ultimate marketing tool. The guide is divided into phases to make it easy to follow and implement. 

They begin by explaining the best way to create a Pinterest account to ensure it brings customers back to the source website and includes all necessary information. Phase two is all about building those perfect wedding inspiration boards, utilizing the content of the wedding business’s products and services. The guide gives great ideas on the best types of boards to create, depending on the business. 

Phase three details how to continue the efforts each day to keep new customers interested and coming to the website for their own weddings. Phase four is continuing efforts to keep utilizing the tool and keep that resource growing. 

The guide continues with options for advertisements, marketing strategies, and more to explore using Hanover Marketing and Pinterest. 


Hanover Marketing knows the wedding industry inside and out. The husband-and-wife duo that runs this digital marketing agency have put in the hard work for their clients when it comes to utilizing Pinterest as a marketing tool. 

Their free guide has easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that guide wedding businesses through all the crucial parts of getting their Pinterest account up and running and bringing in sales leads and new customers. 

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