Transition to Digital Civilization: Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT Builds Wealth Dream with Stroke of Art

From “Defi Summer” to the “Crypto Winter” of today, more and more crypto players are discarding the mindset to pursue the fastest way to make money. Instead, players are pondering: which project is worth an in-depth investigation and long-time participation? Against such a background, the emerging NFT project Crazy Mars Squirrel has caught immediate attention.

On November 10th, Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs will make a blockbuster launch on OpenSea and start a meta-narrative of the Metaverse.

Who are the Target Audience of Crazy Mars Squirrel?

Crazy Mars Squirrel is a high-potential NFT project created by well-known artists. Its design style adheres to the characteristics of NFT avatars, which combined simplicity, elegance, and technology. Giving each NFT exclusive features, the vivid graphical style is well in line with the culture of the Crazy Mars Squirrel community, making it easy to win popularity. As proof of identity, the NFT set has only 10,000 items, and the first-launched 100 NFTs will entitle their holders “Ares”, which means “God of War” and will endow the holders the highest standing in the community equivalent to Genesis members.

After launching on OpenSea, Crazy Mars Squirrel will continue with coordinated diverse value input and operations of commercial entities. Stay tuned for empowerment from Web3.0 ecological funding, development of sci-fi Metaverse GameFi, licensing and operations of digital IP, as well as co-branding and non-profit events to convey the core concepts of Crazy Mars Squirrel, which will fully promote a high-value ecology that allows all NFT holders to grow with Crazy Mars Squirrel and continuously obtain the derivative incomes. To be noted, 35% of the total proceeds will be distributed among NFT holders to let all holders share the huge profits brought by project growth and be the first Mars immigrants of “both spiritual and material wealth”.

What is the Goal of Crazy Mars Squirrel?

Notably, Crazy Mars Squirrel adopts an enchanting meta-narrative. While every cultural transition that occurred in human history is undoubtedly aimed at bringing human beings to a higher level of civilization, humans are always driven by the instinct to survive. Thus, people follow the logic to stay unsatisfied with the status quo and change the world. Web3.0 represents a new culture and technological form exceeding the existing mainstream norms and creating a bright future, and is expected to trigger the next human civilization transition. What Crazy Mars Squirrel provides is a window for people to witness and even join this civilization transition, presenting a multidimensional exploration of the Metaverse.

As for the mission of Crazy Mars Squirrel, the founding team explained that: to assist Crazy Mars Squirrels and SuperM in the undertaking to migrate humans from industrial civilization to the digital civilization, from the proto-universe awash with lusts to the Metaverse full of love and care, from Earth to Mars, the project aims to build the world’s most powerful NFT tribe, present Martian lifestyles of the century, and guide the trend of digital civilization.

Therefore, the greatest charm of Crazy Mars Squirrel lies in its construction of a novel human civilization, as evidenced in its project plan: it starts with NFT avatars, which are an essence of life on Earth; then continues with the sci-fi Metaverse GameFi, depicting the exploration of Mars after migration; and finally builds a brand-new civilization in the Martian century. The storytelling of a magnificent Metaverse realized in sci-fi GameFi has given the project an extremely inspiring connotation. The NFT holders, as a part of the Martian century ecosystem, who will be involved in the creation of material values and the building of a spiritual home, will share the dividends of the Metaverse era.

At the current stage, the value chain reorganization of human civilization promoted by Web3.0 is pushing at full steam. Facilitated by such a cultural shift, Crazy Mars Squirrel well adapts to the times and will exert surprising power in shaping the new digital technology and social-cultural life, thus realizing the cultural transition of human society.

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