Unscripted Aquarium Offers Modern Alternative to Fish Tank Water Filtration

This family-owned startup’s simple and maintenance-free technology makes and keeps aquarium water crystal-clear and odor-free without the hassles of regular cleaning.

There is no better way to bring nature into homes than having an aquarium. It adds a touch of life to a dull corner or wall. It lightens up a dark and gloomy space. Other than aesthetics, having an aquarium has health benefits too. It reduces stress and anxiety. It calms and relaxes the mind. It helps improve sleep patterns and can even promote productivity. But having an aquarium can also be challenging, especially when it comes to maintaining it.

For this reason, Unscripted Aquarium offers a simple and hassle-free way of making and keeping fish tank water crystal-clear and odor-free. Unscripted Aquarium is a startup company founded and owned by a husband-and-wife team. The Colorado-based company figured out the lack of technological advances in aquarium filtration, so it developed an all-new and natural way to keep fish tank water clear and odor-free easily and more effectively.

Unscripted Aquarium’s modern alternative technology to cleaning tanks is called the Unscripted Aquarium Clarifier. The device makes and keeps water crystal-clear and odor-free in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The Unscripted Aquarium Clarifier is a small piece of equipment placed on the rim of the tank, partially submerged in water. The clarifier boosts the natural energy in the water, making fish waste particles stick together. The waste particles will then go through the existing filtration to be broken down naturally by bacteria or exported out of the tank.

The process may sound technical, but it uses the natural process of filtering water – more commonly known in the aquarium world as Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), or the transfer of electrons between ions in the water.

The nice thing about the Unscripted Aquarium Clarifier is that no matter how complicated the filtering process may be, it is as easy as pie for the fish tank owners. All they need to do is to hang it in the aquarium, partially submerged in water, and leave it there to do its job. No more fishing out fish waste or ever dealing with dirty water again.

“Unscripted Aquarium is a new company that is offering a device for clarifying aquarium water unlike any we have seen before,” described an article by the Reef Builders, a trusted outfit that covers the aquatics industry.

The company developed the clarifier to help fish tank owners have more time enjoying their aquariums rather than cleaning them. The patent-pending technology can be used for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. It can adapt to whatever tank it is placed in, given that each tank has different water parameters, sizes, and temperatures. For more information, check out its website https://unscriptedaquarium.com/.

About Unscripted Aquarium

Unscripted Aquarium is a startup business that aims to help aquarium owners maintain clear, clean, and odor-free fish tanks. It offers a modern alternative to the usual water filtration method that most tank owners use. More information is available on its website, https://unscriptedaquarium.com/.

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