EasyFit Isolator USA recognized for its quick-fit emergency shut-off valve for pressurized pipes.

EasyFit isolator valve installs onto live pressurized plumbing systems and is rated for up to 230psi and 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

The damage from a busted pipe, tap leaks and emergency plumbing issues can be frustrating and expensive. Most people realize the importance of an emergency shut-off valve in hindsight. Still, it is possible to install these shut-off valves to mitigate the risk of large messes, damaged property, and expensive repairs. An Isolation valve can be installed onto plumbing systems and will close in a couple of seconds, preventing unwanted water flow. An Isolator valve is a beneficial fixture that assists in fluid management. These valves stop the water flow and can help users control the rate of water in their homes or buildings.

EasyFit Isolator USA’s quick-fit solution has attracted the attention of customers and recognition from other players in the industry. The innovative emergency shut-off valve made the top 3 finalists in the plumbing category of the 2023 AHR Expo and received the 2022 ASPE award for the innovative product.

EasyFit Isolator Valves are specifically designed to help eliminate facility shutdowns. As one of the manufacturers in the plumbing space, EasyFit Isolator USA is committed to not only providing the market with the best EasyFit Isolators but also educating people on the importance of these shut-off valves.

In some countries, it is required that isolating valves are installed on plumbing fixtures. Even when not required, it is crucial to have an isolating valve that helps prevent expensive shutdowns for commercial and residential customers. EasyFit Isolator valves clamp around copper or plastic pressurized tubes. The isolator is a permanent portable water-approved isolation valve.

EasyFit Isolator valves are easy to install into live pressurized plumbing systems and allow any water supply maintenance to be carried out without inconveniencing everyone else, like in hotels, residential buildings, care homes, and more. The isolator valve is rated for up to 230psi and 185 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring no more draining systems, pipe freezing, or pipe plugging.

In operation, the isolator valve can be installed onto any pipeline. When screwing the bolts on, it is important to set the drill to low torque to prevent breakage. The easy seven-step process is clearly illustrated on the EasyFit Isolator website to help people quickly fit their valves and enjoy the benefits.

EasyFit Isolator USA has a solid foundation in innovation and long history of designing unique solutions. The isolator valve installs onto hot or cold-water pipes without the need to shut off the water supply during the installation. EasyFit Isolator valves are currently available in a standard size. However, the company is working on larger sizes to handle more pressure, heat, pipe types, and sizes.

EasyFit Isolator USA leverages emerging technology and expertise to design affordable solutions to satisfy the demand for effective emergency shut-off valves. EasyFit Isolator offers the best standard of isolator valves and services with competitive prices that meet customers’ needs. With design quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities, EasyFit Isolator USA is looking forward to bringing more innovative products to the market.

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