MotionGrey, the Student Entrepreneur Start Up that became Canada’s Leading Standing Desk Company

When two engineering students at the University of British Columbia decided that they wanted to use engineering to make a real improvement in people’s lives, they got to work. Their idea – an affordable height adjustable sit stand desk, with the goal of making a positive impact on health and wellness in the workplace.

Fast forward 5 years, MotionGrey, the company the duo founded, has climbed to the top of the industry, becoming one of the largest electric standing desk companies across Canada. Its height adjustable desks now help tens of thousands of office employees each year get on their feet and move more throughout their workday to improve their overall health.

Sitting all day has become one of the most dangerous activities people do, and office employees appear to be the most afflicted. Not only does prolonged sitting lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain, but it’s been found to cause various debilitating musculoskeletal diseases over time, including health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and heart problems.

Canadian standing desk company MotionGrey has joined the ergonomic market to bring affordable and high-quality solutions to both individual employees and businesses. Founded in 2017, the organization has quickly become one of the leading providers of stand up desks, ergonomic office chairs, gaming chairs, as well as ergonomic accessories in Canada, with all products designed to make people’s lives easier and healthier. 

Today, MotionGrey is setting the standard for affordable standing desks designed for home and office use.


MotionGrey is a Vancouver-based company founded by two engineering students, Alex Chan and Andy Hsu, both of whom have first-hand experience in dealing with the challenges posed by prolonged sitting and incorrect posture. Andy went into the business in search of solutions to his own back pain caused by a sports injury and exacerbated by prolonged sitting at work. Meanwhile, Alex was motivated by his own search for ergonomic solutions that are accessible and affordable to more people. Together, they have built MotionGrey to become the place to go for the most affordable, quality-built standing desks and top-of-the-line ergonomic solutions.

Since its founding in 2017, MotionGrey has grown from a small business in Alex’s garage to serving over 50,000 individual customers annually. Through re-investment in continuous product development and owning its warehousing, it has one of the industry’s strongest supply chain networks across Canada ensuring that products are readily available and can be shipped the next day. 

MotionGrey offers both single motor and dual motor standing desks. It is the only company that uses high-quality German motors from Bosch in its stand-up desks, making them one of the most durable standing desks you will find in Canada. The desks are also built with some of the most advanced technologies, with its memory keypad making the shift from more sitting to more standing easy and convenient.

Standing desks for the future health of workers everywhere

As a Canadian company, MotionGrey places high value on giving back to the community and on working with local talents and artists. Among the organization’s core values is environmental sustainability. It adheres to eco-friendly practices, from product design to shipping, and works to create a minimal carbon footprint in its business operations.

High quality standing desks and ergonomic products, support to local economy and talent, as well as eco-friendly business operations—MotionGrey has created a unique mark in the Canadian market, and it is changing lives one standing desk at a time.

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