PATCO Introduces a Design-Build Process for Commercial Construction

For more than 30 years, PATCO Commercial Construction has provided services to northern New Hampshire and Maine. Working with PATCO Commercial means working with a group of people who appreciate honesty, justice, respect, and loyalty. They have experience in all project phases, including building design, pre-construction, steel roofing, and project management. They take pride in the preparation and communication so it can be guaranteed project completion that benefits a particular business.

PATCO Commercial Construction has grown its company one happy client at a time, and they say that they are proud to have contributed to the development of PATCO ‘s Design-Build Process for the Commercial Construction of many Maine and New Hampshire companies. PATCO Commercial Construction’s philosophy is about building partnerships. PATCO ’s President, Greg Patterson, says, “We build our business one client at a time.” They assist customers every step of the way as they go through the preconstruction, design, and approval processes. The skilled staff at PATCO is always ready to assist customers whether you are starting the process to construct a new building, renovating an existing one, adding an addition, or seeking a face-lift, re-roof, or other ad hoc repairs. PATCO Construction is aware that each action marks a significant turning point in the development of your company or other entity.  

“The work PATCO does is quality. We know that PATCO takes pride in their work and that means a lot. We have never had a major issue with any of the projects that PATCO, or their subcontractors, have done. We would highly recommend PATCO to any business considering an expansion or a new build.” Bryan and Wendy Tait from Casco Bay Steel Structures says about PATCO Construction. Throughout the project, PATCO was more than just an outside contractor. “By making the extra effort to have an in-depth understanding of our needs, they became part of our management team. PATCO delivered an award-winning facility on time and on budget.” Craig Locke from STEAG Hama Tech Inc Company says about PATCO Construction’s service.

Lower risk and higher predictability, Lower design and project, Increased speed of decision-making costs, elimination of the cost and need of owner’s representative, Shorter overall project Schedule, Better design and construction solutions, and Simplified delivery method are some of the special features at PATCO Commercial Construction. Both the expertise and the use of the PATCO Design-Build Process contribute to the PATCO ‘s success in completing projects on time and on budget. The framework for the project approach is developed through the design-build method. Because PATCO does a large portion of the design in-house and has its own erection and enclosure crews, its implementation of the Design-Build concept is unique. They are able to manage cost, time, and quality thanks to these variations. And also the design-build strategy used by PATCO has many benefits over the traditional lump sum bid.

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