Julian Lorenzana has released his book, Love You Forever; supported by Author’s Tranquility Press

Julian Lorenzana has released his book, Love You Forever; supported by Author’s Tranquility Press
Inspirational teacher and author, Julian Lorenzana has released his emotional thriller, Love You Forever, a book about love in the face of adversity.

This is the story of two persons who were bom to spend their lives together. From the day they set eyes on each other, they knew they belonged together. They got married and, throughout the years, enjoyed great happiness while bravely facing the challenges of Parkinson’s disease.

They were together for fifty-seven years and they lived as fully and as happily as their problems allowed them to. He, being the main caregiver and struggling with knee problems, spinal stenosis and peripheral neuropathy, actively saw to her needs at home as she struggled with immobility and an advanced stage of dementia.

Her struggles ended on March 22, 2019, after surviving 19 days without eating any food and 16 days without drinking any liquids due to a major stroke that rendered her unable to swallow anything. She passed away at home surrouiided by her loved ones.

About the Author

Julian Lorenzana was born in Mexico but came to the U.S. in l945 illegally. He became a legal citizen in 1955. After serving two years in the army, he went on to San Diego State University, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies and a Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education. He taught elementary school grades 5th through 8th for 34 years and subbed in Kinder through 4th grades for six years. He also took a course in Children’s Literature and wrote three short stories.

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