Rajdeep Mayer suggests working on Business’s Digital Presence can save any business from Recession and Economic downturn

Digital Marketing pioneer Rajdeep Mayer from RDM Media, is known for an exceptional work in Marketing across Digital Platforms.

With one foot in the future and the other firmly planted in the present, Rajdeep Mayer is revolutionizing the digital media marketing sector vis-à-vis music, movies and corporate, all thanks to his out-of-the-box thinking!

The post pandemic world echoes through a relentless pathway of change which is resonating through the population & it is safe to accept that the transition into a digital era has only been catalysed by the post pandemic times. A street hawker to multinationals, every establishment has now embraced digital method of running their businesses moving ahead. Therefore “It’s the best time to work on your Digital Presence” says the Digital Marketing Guru – Rajdeep Mayer.

He remembered approaching various Production houses/Corporates/Brands and some of the most influential people in the Entertainment and corporate industry to promote the idea of social media marketing but then he was immediately dismissed off-hand. Some of these stalwarts had told him back then that TV, radio and newspaper would continue to dominate the content consumption space and this digital marketing would never work because digital was for just for emails, kids and video games! But today come to think of it all of these media platforms are fighting it out on digital. Companies back then would often refer to themselves as ‘Online Marketing Businesses’, we felt that the term was too vague to represent the true nature of the business that we were in, that’s when we came up with this ingenious term and started calling ourselves as a ‘Digital Marketing Business’ which got picked up by the entire industry later. After that I got busy working across the globe with various mainstream artists in the UK, Europe & USA creating viral waves which echoed across the entertainment & corporate industry worldwide. Then as destiny would have it, I met Yo Yo Honey Singh – the biggest Music Artist of INDIA and the rest as they say was history.

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