Kenny Tiller Stirs Up Controversy with the Cover Art of His Upcoming Audio Drama, The Atlanta Stories

Filmmaker and founder of Rushmore Films, Kenny Tiller, issues apology after generating controversy online following the release of the new audio drama cover titled “The Atlanta Stories”

Kenny Tiller is known for creating an amazing experience through motion pictures, with his works with Rushmore Films undoubtedly showcasing his mastery of the craft to the world. However, his recent work seems to be generating a lot of buzz even before its release with the audio drama cover of The Atlanta Series banned across social media for allegedly depicting suicide.

The social media space has expanded over the years, with the growing online population further helping the popularity of several platforms. Consequently, measures are put in place to regulate the use of such platforms. In a related development, Instagram has expanded a ban on graphical self-harm imagery to include a broader range of content depicting suicide, such as fictional illustrations of self-harm and suicide methods such as drawings, cartoons, and memes. “We will no longer allow fictional depictions of self-harm or suicide on Instagram, such as drawings or memes or content from films or comics that use graphic imagery.” – Instagram boss, Adam Mosseri.

Kenny Tiller might just be the latest victim of the clamp down on unacceptable images as the audio drama cover of The Atlanta Series gets banned. However, the writer of The Atlanta Stories has debunked the claims of Instagram. “My cover art doesn’t depict suicide it’s subjective,” he stated, posting on social media. He followed up with a link to his website of the supposedly “banned” image and video of the graphic artwork showing a bloody man with his nose cut off amongst other things.

The drawing posted on the website revealed images of a gun firing into the head of the blood-soaked man with the words written out “I wish I was,” which could rightly have sparked public outrage. After the ban, Kenny Tiller quickly followed that up with “I’m currently working on alternate art. I apologize If I offended anyone, I take the subject of suicide seriously.”

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