“One Month Reset: How to Transform Your Mind, Body and Soul from Pain in One Month” is Scheduled for Monday Jan 2nd, 2023

Shawna Cullen lived with all forms of pain for over 20 years that almost ended her life. Today she is in her best health. She is pain, medication, and addiction-free due to her exercise, frequency therapies, and detox cleanse.

Shawna Cullen, owner of iTFitsWell, just announced that she will be hosting the One Month Reset: How to Transform Your Mind, Body and Soul from Pain event on Monday Jan. 2nd, 2023. She is also an Ikaika training and wellness coach located in Grand Junction, Colorado.

This health transformation in one-month event will take place at 2518 Hwy 6&50, Grand Junction, CO 81505. This event will be live and there will be an option to attend via zoom.

Attendees will discover how to transform their lives from the inside out and help diminish their physical, mental and emotional pain in just one month.

“Our story defines us – it’s up to you what that definition looks like,” Shawna Cullen stated.

 This event will help attendees learn how to reset their bodies from physical, mental and emotional pain in one month using natural resources through exercise, a detox cleanse, frequency therapies, and grounding.

“The detox cleanse, along with healthy lifestyle changes in diet and exercise, is specifically designed to be a simple and effective system to maximize your efforts to transform into your healthiest body and help you break free from the habits you may have cultivated over a lifetime that leave you feeling sluggish, foggy, bloated and tired. Your unhealthy habits may have also led to health challenges, sleep disturbances, weight issues, unhealthy food cravings, and digestive problems. Whether it’s one or all of these issues, or whether you simply want to be the best you can in mind and body, cleansing your body of toxins and unwanted wastes after an indulgent lifetime of abuse is necessary,” Shawna Cullen said.

“By giving your body whole, organic and clean foods, can result in incredible energy, and excellent health and vitality, as you peel off the pounds and transform yourself into the efficient, effective, and glowing machine it was meant to be! In 28 days, you will fuel your body with clean nutrition, while following a meal plan in order to transform from the inside out; adding exercise is highly recommended as well, which only supports and speeds up the process of reaching the goal of being your best self, physically and mentally,” Shawna affirmed.

Shawna explained, “Frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM), also known as frequency therapy, is a technique for treating pain, and other physical and mental aliments, by using low-level electrical current. The current is delivered to certain parts of your body in an attempt to relieve pain and other ailments. A frequency is the rate at which a sound wave or electronic pulse is produced. This measurement is registered in hertz (Hz). Frequency therapy can be supplied rough several different resources. Lens therapy, the Theraphi Bed, the Healy device, and the CM2 band are my main frequency tools.”

Cullen continued, “Frequency therapy has been around since the 1930s. Scientists discovered that they could destroy disease-causing microorganisms with the same frequency they emitted. A healthy body operates at a frequency from 62-72 megahertz. When this frequency drops below this range, the body becomes susceptible to illness, injury and disease.”

The term ‘grounding’ means direct skin contact with the surface of the Earth. It is a therapeutic technique that involves being still or active directly while touching the Earth with bare skin which electrically reconnects a person to the Earth. This is done by walking barefoot, laying down on the Earth, or submersing in water (i.e., ocean, lake, river); all grounding techniques can be done in dirt, grass, sand or water.

“There are grounding mats and wearables that can mimic the processes and effects of grounding, but nothing is as effective as the bare skin touching the Earth for an extended amount of time. When walking barefoot, or having the bare skin on the Earth, the body absorbs free ions from the Earth’s surface, which act as antioxidants. These antioxidants enhance the person’s health in many ways and leads to positive feelings in the body and mind.” she added.

“Grounding offers many health benefits, including improved sleep; reduced inflammation; improved tissue, cell, and muscle repair; enhanced blood flow; increased heart rate variability; reduced chronic pain; improved cardiovascular disease; and improved electrical activity in the brain. In addition, walking barefoot on the ground releases endorphins. This can improve our mood and counteract mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Walking barefoot also reconnects us with nature, which boosts our mental and physical states in general. Therefore, Earth’s natural healing energy should never be overlooked!” Shawna Cullen concluded.

For more information visit: http://itfits-well.com/

About Shawna Cullen

Shawna Cullen has a BA in kinesiology with a concentration in sports and fitness management, Cum Laude; with Spanish language study; Personal training 24 years. She has been certified in: Master personal trainer, health coach, sports specific training, strength & conditioning coach, sports nutrition specialist, group fitness training; 1st place NPC physique body building champ.

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