Ecuadorian Company International S.A.S signs commercial deal with Latino Arabe for Vegetables and Fruits Trading LLC

Ecuadorian Company International S.A.S signs commercial deal with Latino Arabe for Vegetables and Fruits Trading LLC
ECUADOR COMPANY INTERNATIONAL S.A.S is an Ecuadorian company working in the field of banana cultivation and export, headquartered in the province of Guayaquil. BANANA OF ECUADOR

December 08, 2022 – Three months ago, the ECUADOR COMPANY INTERNATIONAL S.A.S and the LATINO ARABE FOR VEGETABLES AND FRUITS TRADING LLC signed a commercial deal related to the export of the Ecuadorian company an estimated 28 thousand tons of bananas annually. The amount of the deal was estimated at 12 million dollars annually. The ECUADOR COMPANY INTERNATIONAL S.A.S is considered one of the leading companies in the production and export Bananas to various parts of the world. The company has many well-known brands in the American, British and European markets. Where the date of the first shipment was set on: 05 December 2022. ECUADOR COMPANY INTERNATIONAL S.A.S has many branches around the world, including the British branch based in London and the USA headquarters located in California.

ECUADOR COMPANY INTERNATIONAL S.A.S is continuously growing and evolving, looking for new ways to improve products and services. Bananas are grown in the volcanic soil of Ecuador, which gives them a unique flavor and aroma; committed to providing customers with the best possible product and service, ECUADOR COMPANY INTERNATIONAL S.A.S is one of the Gulf’s suppliers of bananas as they work successfully in the Gulf market and the European market. The company provides fresh and delicious fruit to the people of the Gulf region. ECUADOR COMPANY INTERNATIONAL S.A.S dedicated to providing the best quality Ecuadorian bananas to customers as having stores in Ecuador. Bananas are grown in the Milagro region of Ecuador and have many brands, but AL JAWHARA BANANA, ALI BABA BANANA, and SENDIBAD BANANA are well known.

AL JAWHARA BANANA is an Arabic name known for its feminine origin and with its meaning of value and delicacy of a woman with a radiance of beauty classified as a diamond, thus being of great importance in the culture of Arabia.

ALI BABA BANANA is proudly known for its controversial history since it has a teaching value and transparency of decency and humility.

SENDIBAD BANANA is also one of the outstanding products of the ECUADOR COMPANY INTERNATIONAL S.A.S. The product is known because It is assimilated by the places it travels and by its passage to the time of its production, as a result of its figure and traditional flavor in many parts of the world.

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