The Successful CEO Joined Forbes Technology Council: Alex Gudilko Of AJProTech

Gudilko will be publishing insights about Hardware Entrepreneurship and Developing new products worth building

Alex Gudilko is the CEO of AJProTech with a decade of experience developing high-volume Consumer Electronics products, joins Forbes Technology Council, Community For Senior- Level Technology Executives. Mr. Gudilko will be sharing expert opinion about Product development and Hardware Entrepreneurship. Alex likes quoting Elon Mask: Nobody wants to build Hardware but if you don’t build stuff – there will be no stuff.

As an expert in Hardware products, Alex and AJProTech team build IoT gadgets, Consumer Electronics, AR and VR, and Sports Tech gadgets from idea to mass production.

In retrospect, Alex and AJProTech team have a very diversified portfolio of 55 different hardware and IoT products they’ve developed. Many of Alex’s clients are seed startups that develop their first product, others are big corporations like Exxon Mobile (Oil Pump project) or government agencies (AR headset for industrial applications).

Over the past 8 years, AJProTech assembled a team of highly experienced engineers focused on Electrical Engineering, Industrial and Mechanical design, Embedded Software, and Mobile app design. They also create and validate prototypes. All work is done in-house.

AJProTech is Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with second R&D engineering office in Taiwan for prototyping and preparation for production.

Best part of working with AJProTech is that the customer owns the Intellectual Property. Alexs team are also manufacturer agnostic. After design, the product can be produced by any manufacturer of customers choice.

About Alex Gudilko

Alex Gudilko is an Innovator, Technology Entrepreneur and Forbes Technology Council Author with 12 years of experience developing high-volume IoT and Consumer Electronics products. Team Leader with excellent project management skills and experience delivering world-class products.

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