Where Does Innovation Come From? Bassanio Says From “Diverse Ideas and Backgrounds”

Bassanio Peters is an American entrepreneur and the founder of Assist 2 Develop, an online marketplace that is democratizing product development using open innovation.

Innovative technological products, gadgets, and services were exclusive to large corporations, enterprises, and government-helmed organizations for decades. With the rise of internet technologies and global digitization, the engineering, manufacturing, and tech spaces are seeing more and more diversity and have received an opportunity to harness the latest letters in technology. 

Bassanio Peters is an American entrepreneur, father of two, and the creator of Assist 2 Develop, which is a global engine of innovation. He is on a mission to see the future of work become more inclusive and help businesses realize how diversity and fresh perspectives in tech can lead to substantially elevated innovation. 

Information, technology, and most importantly, innovative ideas are now available to everyone equally via Assist 2 Develop. Now more than ever, innovative ideas demand innovative ways to find them. That’s why Assist 2 Develop combines a global talent pool with real-world challenges to discover new solutions and technologies with real-world applications. Participants can submit their ideas to these virtual competitions and have a chance to win cash prizes or a job opportunity.

Bassanio embraced this model because it doesn’t matter who the person is or where they come from; participants can be MIT graduates or have gained their skills and knowledge from YouTube. 

As the world is changing and rapidly embracing digital transformation, aspirants in entrepreneurship, tech startups, and fresh brands in the technology industry are no longer at a disadvantage relative to large businesses and corporations. 

“We live in an era where anyone can create anything. At this very moment, you have access to technology that was once reserved for large government agencies and big businesses. Innovation is truly being democratized. The power to create amazing products is being put in the hands of the many, but to truly take advantage of this immense opportunity, we have to come together. Just think about the problems we can solve if we begin to collaborate and share ideas,” said Bassanio. 

More information about Assist 2 Develop is available on Bassanio’s official website.

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