Matrix Mastery Group’s CFO in a box program allows CEOs to Scale-up

The program helps CEOs learn how to leverage the available money outside the traditional banking world.

Everywhere Marcus Baek looks, he sees opportunities for small businesses to snowball by raising outside capital. Whether they are start-ups looking to get off the ground, established companies seeking to expand, or entrepreneurs wanting assistance on financing a business acquisition or real estate investment, this financing expert and credit entrepreneur is ready to help. 

Marcus Baek has spent the last 2 years helping entrepreneurs equip themselves with the greatest financial tool to make quantum leaps in their businesses. In those 2 years he “realized most entrepreneurs and business owners don’t really know how to navigate the banking system in order to acquire the funding they need.“ 

Marcus realized CEOs of start-up and midsize businesses were often too busy to understand how to get the funding they need for their business. That’s when he launched his CFO Integrator Program, where busy CEOs can leverage Matrix Mastery Group’s Funding Managers in order to acquire the money they need in order to start or scale their business. The program is broken down into three highlight points.

First, businesses that qualify and are selected to work with Matrix Group gain access to a funding manager that is contractually obligated to come back year after year and add bigger lines of business and personal credit, effectively helping the CEO and the business climb the never-ending credit ladder. 

Second, that same funding manager secures relationships with 25+ different corporate vendors in the span of 120 days in order to create a business credit profile that holds authority over the lenders. And in the future it will help qualify the business for different types of business loans as well as non-recourse loans on the corporate level. 

Third, the first wave of business funding comes within the first 45 days and qualified business owners should expect anywhere between $50,000 – $250,000 of 0% interest capital. Then during the secondary round of funding, those who are qualified are able to secure multiple business lines of credit at 1-3% + prime rate of the banks. 

The number one reason businesses fail is because they run out of resources. Hence, the thing that every business owner will always need more of, is money – the resource that allows us to make our dreams into reality. Marcus Baek and Matrix Mastery allows for business owners to acquire extremely low interest capital without having to go through all the hurdles of dealing with the banks.

To learn “How could $100,000 at 0% help your business?” and know more about Marcus and the Matrix Mastery Group visit

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