NOVA Injury Law A Personal Injury Law Firm In Moncton Advances Clients’ Rights to Fair Compensation for Injuries Suffered Due to the Negligence of Others

NOVA Injury Law is a personal injury and disability law firm dedicated to helping clients settle claims fast and fairly. The top-rated lawyers at this law firm take up most cases on a contingency fee basis. Each case is preceded by a free consultation.

According to announcements released by NOVA Injury Law – Personal Injury Lawyers Moncton represent those injured in automobile accidents, product liability cases, slips and falls, and medical practices. The law firm also fights for the rights of those denied long-term disability benefits. 

It knows that insurance adjusters contact accident victims before they’ve had a chance to gather their thoughts and push them to accept a quick settlement for a low amount. This never works out well for the claimant, who has neither the knowledge to counter an insurance adjuster’s approach to the matter nor is the claimant aware of the full extent of the injuries. 

NOVA Injury Law recommends that after an accident, one should immediately get in touch with a trusted personal injury lawyer who knows how to negotiate strongly with insurance companies and is willing to litigate, if necessary. 

It is a good idea to perform the required due diligence beforehand for a good “personal injury lawyer near me”. This law firm gets many cases from recommendations by satisfied clients. 

NOVA Injury Law – Personal Injury Lawyers Moncton Nextdoor Listing offers more insight into the law firm’s activities. 

NOVA Injury Law offers a no-risk-free case evaluation. Injury victims are apprised of their chances of getting a fair claim settlement through the services of a good law firm. NOVA Injury Law builds each case on facts through careful documentation, witness accounts, and expert advice. It works with physicians, engineers, and accident reconstruction experts to assess a claimant’s loss. The law firm puts in the effort to build a strong case that the insurance company cannot fight. 

According to NOVA Injury Law, “Our personal injury lawyers across Halifax and Nova Scotia represent injury victims involved in a car accident, slip and fall, or other incidents which lead to injury, loss, or disability.

Injury and loss can be stressful – we get that. Often, there is so much misinformation and confusing lingo that people struggle to determine exactly what is fair.

That is why we offer a free case evaluation with no strings attached. Working as your personal injury lawyer, our goal is to help ensure that personal injury victims across Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland can make informed decisions, know their options, and have the opportunity to get what is right & fair. Accident victims are disadvantaged when the opponent is a large insurance company with deep pockets.

In Canada, personal injury claims can cost anywhere from a few thousand to over $100,000, and most people can’t afford to pay for expert medical opinions and other costs. 

So, NOVA Injury Law pays to build the case and spares no expense when implementing a legal strategy to maximize compensation for our clients. Injury and recovery are stressful. We want your legal representation to be as easy as possible so you can focus on your health.

That’s why we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your questions and work on your behalf. When clients contact us by phone, email, text, Facebook messenger, and more, they count on us to be responsive.”

About the Firm:

NOVA Injury Law – Personal Injury Lawyers Moncton is led by Jeff Mitchell and is dedicated to helping injury victims win the compensation that serves them financially. It serves clients in Halifax and Nova Scotia. Its skills and knowledge of state laws governing personal injury allow clients to focus on recovery. In contrast, the law firm takes care of the legal and procedural matters related to compensation. 

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