Independent Developer Dave Berzack Releases New Online Game and Directory of Daily Puzzles

Atlanta, GA – Dave Berzack, an independent web developer and game designer, has announced the release of a new web-based daily puzzle game, Hocus Focus, alongside an editor tool for users to create custom puzzles.

Berzack’s Hocus Focus, his first game to be released, is an exciting daily puzzle that challenges players to find something hidden within a picture. In a race against the clock, players must reveal the hidden image by drawing large pixelated blocks of color, and then painting finer details until they understand the picture and click the goal.

The game is a fresh take on traditional daily puzzle games that people have come to love. In this spirit, Berzack also developed a free online editor tool that allows users to create custom puzzles using their own personal photos. These custom puzzles can then be shared with friends or family as unique holiday cards, complete with their own personal message. The highly-anticipated project comes just in time for the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays.


As an added bonus, Berzack is releasing 5Minute.Games, a carefully curated list of the top-rated daily puzzle games on the Internet. Featuring only the most interactive, stimulating, and enjoyable puzzles, 5Minute.Games allows users to discover new games and organize their favorites as a customized portal. They can pin games to the top of a personal list, add custom links to other games or frequently used websites, customize the website’s theme and features, automatically mark games as played, and even enable a binge-guard feature that locks the page after each game to discourage long play sessions.

These websites are free to use and generally encourage healthy, moderate internet use. Berzack is staunchly dedicated to wholesome content and user-first interface design, and to maintain that standard he has designed these products to have no advertising or data-mining.

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