My Business Coach PH: The Digital Marketing Hero, Inspiring New Generation of Young Entrepreneurs

Operating out of Pasig City, My Business Coach PH is a digital business consultancy providing cloud-based digital solutions for small and medium businesses. The company’s highly experienced team of digital marketing professionals works with entrepreneurs across various industries to navigate the digital transformation process.

The numbers tell a compelling story: over 5.3 billion smartphone users, almost 5 billion people with internet access, and over 4.6 billion social media users globally. Businesses that have not leaped aboard the digital business revolution are missing out on an immense marketplace and tarrying is no longer an option. 

As the world progresses, the ability of entrepreneurs to adapt to the digitization and traverse new cross-border policies are critical factors for the long-term success of their businesses. With Digital Marketing Solutions becoming more intuitive and easier to adopt, it is time for business owners to digitize and bring their businesses online. 

While the Philippines is the capital of social media in the world, it is still an “emerging nation” when it comes to business digitization. With a mission to bridge this gap, My Business Coach PH was formed to support the local entrepreneur in adopting digital business through its well-structured digitization program.

Taking into consideration the pervasive use of social media amongst youth in the Philippines, My Business Coach PH is passionately evangelizing the need to go digital among young professionals and entrepreneurs in the Philippines. It aims to enable this generation to attain more fulfillment, generate more income, create market impact, and enjoy what they do. 

Social media platforms form an integral part of digital marketing and sales solutions, and the company views this as the perfect way to encourage the uptake of online business in the country. 

My Business Coach PH has built its premise on a foundation of unwavering principles and proven best practices, leveraging the industry-specific knowledge of subject matter experts to provide a total solution that is easy to adopt.  

In the highly connected world of today, adopting scalable solutions and creating strong partnerships will give businesses the best chance of breaking into new markets. Having a digital presence and the necessary business tools are prerequisites, but future-proofing a business’ investment in digitization involves more than just software. 

The company provides consultancy and training to ensure businesses can adapt and remain resilient during economic shifts and market transformation. This represents a core part of My Business Coach PH’s mission to maximize the growth potential in people and businesses right through digital transformation. 

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My Business Coach PH was launched during the height of the pandemic that saw an unimaginably large number of small and medium businesses shut down. The period was a watershed event for the company’s founder, Erika Raymundo. Despite nationwide lockdowns and government restrictions, Erika’s digital readiness allowed her businesses to thrive. 

And it is this success that has given the company its drive to enable young entrepreneurs to adopt digital marketing as an effective means of enabling entrepreneurship. The company’s greatest motivation is to break the trend where 90% of small and medium businesses shut down in their first 5 years of operations. Hence the launch of their new product stream called “My Content Lounge” – a true Digital Marketing Hero every digital entrepreneur needs in these ever changing times. 

Realizing the lack of scalability, personalizations, and engagement with consumers are the key factor that affects the uptake of digitization, My Business Coach PH’s approach emphasizes a Product and Services framework that supports businesses through their digitization journey by incorporating thought-provoking and creative technical processes, developing high-value content that inspires clients and their employees to adopt to changing market demands. 

If your Business needs future-proofing and despite your online presence your business has stopped or slowed down its growth… then My Content Lounge is definitely for you!!!

About the Company: 

My Business Coach PH offers digital solutions supported by a high-value business resilience program for business owners and their employees. Its Founder, Erika Raymundo, is a Certified Executive Coach who works closely with partners throughout the digitization journey to ensure the successful transition to their new business model. The company leverages the flexibility and scalability of cloud-based advanced digital tools on Kartra, enabling personalization and a cohesive marketing plan for social media marketing success. The programs offered by My Business Coach PH are suitable for online entrepreneurs, small to medium brick and mortars, coaches and learning providers, and key executives. The company also provides free training and consultation to public agencies, including government institutions, academia, fresh graduates, and job seekers, as part of its social responsibility.

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