Cultural Inclusion Accelerator Is Taking A Look At The Multi-Cultural Marketing Of Companies For Authenticity And Proper Inclusion

The Cultural Inclusion Accelerator takes a look at numerous aspects of a company’s marketing and promotions to determine if they are meeting their diversity and inclusion goals. These insights aid a brand in improving the authenticity of their efforts.

Inclusion and diversity in marketing for companies everywhere are incredibly important. Properly representing all of their consumers and all aspects of their culture can make a huge difference in how potential and current clients feel about the overall company and brand. When a company is doing this out of what they feel is an obligation and not an authentic desire to include all of their customers, it can become very obvious and isolate the clients they are targeting with their marketing attempts. 

The Cultural Inclusion Accelerator has developed a tool that determines the value and quality of multiple aspects of a company’s marketing and how it measures up with CIIM or Cultural Insights Impact Measure. These measurements and insights can make a massive difference for a brand that is trying to reach out to a more diverse market. 

The Cultural Inclusion Accelerator and how it determines CIIM for media

The Cultural Inclusion Accelerator was created in 2020 as a response to the lack of investments in multicultural and inclusive segments. As investors felt there was no benefit to it, they weren’t going to put funding forward for multicultural outreach. The Cultural Inclusion Accelerator set out to prove that it wasn’t a lack of benefit but rather a lack of ways to prove that benefit. 

In the last two years, this powerful tool has evaluated over a million different ads, shows, movies, and more. In 2022 they even developed two new metrics, the DEI Accelerator and the Diverse Media Accelerator, to provide even more personalized evaluations for different types of media and marketing. 

What do these measurements take a look at? Accuracy in the depictions of various cultures is incredibly important. If a culture is being represented, but the representation is inaccurate, this can be seen as worse than not including the culture at all. Representation is also measured to determine if there is diversity in a company’s outreach. Cultural respect is crucial, as is innovation. Exploration and path-building to future inclusion are great ways to continue to show a company is working hard to represent all of their clients. 


The Cultural Inclusion Accelerator has measured various aspects of numerous types of media, from Superbowl ads to Walmart promotions. Whether a company is looking for insight into a single marketing campaign they would like to run or an entire evaluation of their brand, the Cultural Inclusion Accelerator can provide that. 

It is crucial that media represents a more diverse group of people and their cultures. Utilizing the insights of the Cultural Inclusion Accelerator, brands and companies can ensure they are doing just that and doing it in a way that celebrates each individual culture. 

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