WiFi Cash Announces Their Quiz-to-Earn Launch This December

WiFi Cash is a quiz-to-earn platform where users earn native tokens ($WHGT) by completing various Web3 related quizzes. It offers financial incentive for users to experience the most essential activities on blockchain from PoW mining,staking to utilizing the NFTs. The official launch of Web3 is expected to take place on Dec 10th, 2022 at AngelSale Launchpad.

WiFi Cash goes beyond the current GameFi models, aiming to bring “social good” to the entire community by introducing more retail investors to the Web3 world. The platform serves as the gateway for crypto newcomers to get their first crypto wallet while exploring multiple passive earning opportunities on Blockchain. The bar of entry is starter-friendly, users who do not know how to generate a crypto wallet can register with their email, a centralized method which most people are very familiar with. But most importantly, WiFi Cash isn’t like any other XXX-to-Earn projects because it is a De Facto Free-to-play, you don’t need to buy a NFT to enjoy all features on the platform.

“The more you learn, the more you earn”, said by Warren Buffet, is now made literally by the project developers. WiFi Cash has thousands of questions in their quiz bank and they are sorted into three difficulties. Users get more $WHGT by taking on the harder ones. Like most altcoins, $WHGT can be swapped to stablecoins and depending on the preference of users, they can be staked at AngelSale to generate a passive income. The team has made a smart move of launching both presale and staking pool on the same platform, AngelSale allows users to buy and stake tokens seamlessly, which helps a lot since most of the WiFi Cash’s target audience just begin to familiarize with how it all works.

Ever wonder how a Bitcoin is generated? You can take part in the WiFi Cash’s Proof-of-Work mining to find the answer. This feature allows users to earn a small amount of $WHGT automatically. While the initial rate of return is low, users can learn to upgrade their NFTs such as pickaxes and karts to boost their mining efficiencies. The upgrade consumes $WHGT, which grants the token a great utility.

WiFi Cash is part of a greater ecosystem that the team is planning on developing further to improve the participation rate of the crypto industry. $WHOOK token is created to manage, maintain and expand that ecosystem. The team has yet to release a detailed roadmap of their upcoming projects, but according to the existing definitions in their whitepaper, $Whook has a dividend feature which pays investors with the profits generated by the ecosystem.

When the market is at the bottom, the introduction of projects like WiFi Cash is an Adrenaline shot on the industry’s confidence. On launch day, WiFi Cash will offer lucrative airdrop to early participants with both the native token $WHGT as well as the ecosystem token $WHOOK. Every aspect of WiFi Cash seems very straightforward and financially attractive, and the project has a promising potential to ignite yet another hype across the industry. In a time like this, projects that work to popularize the application of cryptocurrencies, are a blessing to us all.

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