CareHive Helps Health Plans Reduce Costs While Providing Better Patient Care

CareHive Helps Health Plans Reduce Costs While Providing Better Patient Care
Health plans have a unique opportunity to reduce costs while improving patient care standards and satisfaction through the use of CareHive’s unique technological solutions.

Houston, Texas – As organizations continue to look for ways to reduce costs without impacting the quality-of-care patients receive, CareHive is taking the initiative to offer a viable solution. Utilizing its data-driven clinical navigation and care platform, CareHive is changing the way that organizations meet the needs of their patients without increasing the cost of managing that care. For health plans, this is a critical service and one that is more important than ever.

The changing landscape in healthcare is facilitating more opportunities for digital-driven, data-driven healthcare decision making, but many health plans and providers lack the ability to easily adapt to solutions that can offer a balance between providing a high level of care and cost management. CareHive strives to provide connected care solutions for health plans.

To do this, it provides patients with a low-cost network of high quality providers to receive care from. To do that, it helps to close the information gap that often leads to poor decision making. By improving patient knowledge and health system access, CareHive is uniquely able to encourage patients to get the care they need within the most affordable cost structure, supporting the needs of health plans to keep costs low.

“The CareHive platform and solutions are designed to bring together core components of care for patients, including providing access to care modalities that are far reaching, providing remote monitoring, supporting risk assessment, and improving patient navigation,” states Dr. Ronald Dixon, CEO of CareHive.

Many health plans are facing increasing pressure to reduce costs without impacting the quality of care they provide to their customers. This seemingly impossible task is managed more efficiently with the robust network and solutions offered by CareHive.

The company, which works with payers, primary care practices, health plans, employers, and health systems, has worked to improve patient navigation processes which can help to direct patients to the type of care they need in the most affordable setting possible. By providing wraparound care for in-network providers, CareHive can help to minimize the need to use emergency rooms for care when standard providers are not available.

To educate and support patients, the CareHive tools are designed to be an easy-to-use patient portal that offers a frictionless experience in seeking care. When necessary, escalation of care is readily available, but numerous steps are in between that place, providing patients with the level of improvement they need without increasing costs needlessly.

CareHive continues to ensure health plans have access to the most affordable solutions in care management while still providing a focus on patient care. This ability to balance these areas empowers health plans to build their brand image and reputation for providing patient-focused care while also allowing them to remain within their budgetary goals and even reducing costs across the board.

About CareHive

CareHive provides access to technology, products, and services designed to enhance patient care and service while also reducing the cost of care. It uses a hybrid method that overcomes clinical navigation problems, offers intelligent triage services, and provides population monitoring solutions. CareHive also provides virtual care and at-home care solutions for providers, bringing today’s care providers into the more modern use of technology in the industry.

For those looking for advanced digital health technology, data-driven clinical navigation, and telemedicine services, reach out to CareHive today. Contact the company at 844-951-CARE or connect with them online at their website

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