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Nickle’s real estate team sold over 100 million dollars in less than 18 months, a record growth for a team in the United States, that has expanded the company‚Äôs growth and influence in the real estate market.

At the height of the pandemic, when most people were playing it safe given the economic effects of COVID-19, Daryl Owen founded Nickle. Daryl strongly believes in finding opportunities where everyone else sees roadblocks, and that’s how he established Nickle and created a system that’s managed to disrupt the industry by simplifying the real estate transaction.

Nickle was born with the vision of introducing smart home buying to the real estate industry. The team understands that markets flow in cycles, making it essential to constantly innovate and never get complacent. These values instilled by the founder, Daryl Owen, helped the Nickle team thrive during a tumultuous time. 

Daryl Owen bought his first investment property at 21 before he moved out of his parents’ home. This interest grew and developed into a passion for real estate. He is the CEO of Nationwide Real Estate Executives, founded in 2011. Nationwide Real Estate Executives is recognized as one of America’s largest independently owned real estate firms selling about a billion dollars in real estate annually.

“I have been passionate about all things real estate for most of my life. Once I realized that models and business practices were always changing, it made me realize that today’s innovation can become tomorrow’s antiquity.”

In less than 18 months since its launch, Nickle Team sold over $100,000,000 in real estate, making it one of the fastest-growing companies. Daryl shares that this success results from leveraging close to two decades of real estate experience and expertise and applying sound fundamentals to a modern framework. The success of Nickle is also a direct result of learning new and smart ways to service both buyers and sellers. Nickle guarantees faster sales for more money by using cutting-edge marketing tools, proprietary technology, and a team of top agents.

One of the main points of focus with Nickle is continued growth. Daryl shares that if a business isn’t growing, it is dying. With a record of more than 3000 homes sold in the last 3 years, and over 2 billion dollars in sales, and the top 0.5% of brokerages in the country, NRE, Nickle’s brokerage is well on its way to scaling new heights in the industry.

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