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The Joy Aplenty Store which provides a full guarantee on all of their products is advising all parents to buy the Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses if they are going to buy a gaming console for their children.

An online store that sells everything from car accessories, and gadgets, to fashion, has launched a campaign to help parents understand why they should purchase Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses if their children are gamers. Joy Aplenty (, who has said they will not be beaten on price has said the gaming glasses can protect their children’s eyes from damage through excessive gaming.

Gaming is a lot of fun. However, if people spend too much time on their gaming consoles, they risk the possibility of damage being caused to their eyes. Experts are advising children and adults who are gamers to protect their eyes using Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses (

Doctors are reporting a huge increase in people suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The American Optometric Association has said the increase is down to more people using gaming devices and using laptops and computers at home and work.

Spending too much time on a digital device can cause eyestrain or dry eye. To avoid damage to the eyes anyone using a digital device such as a gaming console, computer, or laptop must protect their eyes. The Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses are the most popular safety device to help protect a person’s vision.

The popular gadget which has been bought by more than 20902 people is available for just $24.99. They come with a full guarantee and a fast free shipping service. With the price being so low, the popular online store has challenged Amazon and other big-name brands to try and beat or match them on price.

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