SINEWS Multilingual Therapy Institute: Madrid’s Babel Tower for Mental Health services

A mental health clinic in Madrid for expats, where therapy is provided in 12 languages and reaching patients from over 32 countries.

In Sinews they focus to make the therapeutic process easier

Surrounded by the everyday chaos and work goers that inhabit what it is the metropolitan city of Madrid, on Sagasta Street Number 16th, stands a big white building with an inviting appearance. On its cozy and quite insides, patients wait for their turn full of emotions and expectations; some anxiety floods those who come for the first time, while others sit relaxed and relieved to be there, longing for their turn to see their therapist again and share their thoughts and feelings.

In Sinews they have professionals from different specialties, so they have a multidisciplinary approach

Inside one of the offices, Dr. Alma Moser is on duty, deciding on which medication would be best for Heike, a 20 year old from Germany with an unprecedented medical chart at the clinic, “Ich bin so traurig, dass es nicht einfach ist, von zu Hause weg zu sein” says Heike, releasing of her blues and finding companion on Dr. Alma, who just like her coworkers, knows how important it is for a patient to communicate in their mother tongue, especially when it comes to mental health issues: it allows patients to feel safe, at home and listened to. This would be Heike’s first time taking antidepressants, and she leaves the consultation calm and trusting in the doctor’s words.

Across the hall, in other of the rooms, a moving image shines through a computer and the parents of Lin, who is on the 2nd grade and lives in Japan, connect on the online platform to express their concerns to Alba, a speech therapist that explains the process they will have to follow if they want Lin to succeed in her bilingual process and her reading at school. It’s such an interesting and refreshing feeling, to be so many miles away but feel as close and heard even tough not being in the same office.

Right next to them, another bond is being built, between psychologist Vickie Andrews and Marcus, an American veteran who now lives in the Spanish capital. Vickie has been helping Marcus for a while now, PTSD therapy requires multiple sessions and lots of consistence, which she has lots of experience on. Vickie has been on the field for quite a while now, being born and raised in the US, she also suffered from the ups and downs that come with moving to another country and starting a new life there, that’s what she had to do when she moved to Spain, and that’s how this wonderful Tower of Babel named SINEWS MTI started.

Sinews has a vision based in the quality and transparency of what they do

Back in 2008, Vickie and her colleagues Dr. Orlanda Varela and Gema Rubio, came together to form a multilingual therapy institute to take care of ex-pats that wanted to receive mental health services but were not fluent in Spanish. Nowadays, the clinic also provides services to students and companies who seek services such as psychology, psychiatry, speech therapy and nutrition, doing so in 13 languages and reaching patients from over 32 countries.”

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