Lingering Business Effects from the Pandemic for Asif Ali Gohar and Vegan Leather

The pandemic has affected every part of life, and even as it has changed in intensity there are many lingering effects as it continues. To more closely look at the effects, looking at one business and how it has been affected, as well as the industry around it, can provide a clearer picture.

For Asif Ali Gohar the pandemic has greatly changed how he does business. His vegan leather is a versatile product that can be used in many applications. It is not currently offered by any competitors or other businesses, and his process is original. As it is not replicable by any other business currently, it is a good study of what the effects of the pandemic have been.

As people were encouraged, and in some areas required, to remain inside and to stay home whenever possible, the demand for some items was decreased but others saw an increase. While many people lost their jobs or had to take pay cuts, shopping habits shifted. Others were able to make the shift to working from home or saved money by staying home and spending less on things like eating out or going to plays and movies. When things began to return to the patterns of life that existed before the pandemic, people were either looking forward to an increased income through more hours at work or they were looking forward to spending some of what they had saved and returning to the hobbies and activities they enjoyed.

Thus, the pandemic has had two different effects on the clothing industry, and on the leather industry as a whole. It made it more difficult to access raw materials as shipping was affected, and this increased costs. Increased costs and work from home requirements caused there to be a decrease in production. To remain active and continue growing the business it became necessary to focus on things that could be done from home or through other methods. This includes seeking new suppliers and new shippers, and ensuring that the processes and procedures are set and documented properly. Addressing advertising and created new ways to get the product knowledge out to new customers and buyers will make the return to normal business more successful.

Effects on the supply chain, shipping, and raw materials has continued. Using rice to make the leather has created an additional roadblock as it is sharing resources with the food supply for countries around the world. Many of the new processes are remaining such as some work being done at home and fewer people in offices. There are advantages to this, including lower overhead, less travel, and increased employee satisfaction. Some employees are more productive when working from home for some of their work days, as there may be fewer distractions. Hybrid job positions that are partly work from home and partly from the offices are one of the lingering effects. Focus on mental health is another, as well as people remaining home when they are feeling ill or have symptoms of illness. 

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