Bill Lawlor’s New Book “Sketches” is a Tale of People We Knew, Loved, and Lost

Bill Lawlor's New Book "Sketches" is a Tale of People We Knew, Loved, and Lost

It all came down to this: a simple wooden table and chair at a window in a comfortable room with a hardwood floor, bare walls, and a working fireplace. The light of the early morning sun began its descent on the evergreens across a field of freshly fallen snow, absent a single hoof or paw print. He sat at the table when a Cooper hawk glided across the field as if on cue. It alighted on an oak branch where it briefly groomed its chest, then froze in a stoic, majestic pose like a god perusing its kingdom. The man could not have conceived of such an ending. He was so close to grasping his goal many times, but it fluttered away. The almost certain marriage to a girl with overpowering beauty disappeared instantly like a wish in a strong wind. Worthiness was not for him. He recalled the drug-induced vision of standing in a circular courtyard from which narrow cobblestone streets stretched away to distant points of light. Each time he entered one of these paths, he was turned back and found himself again in the courtyard. Youthful misconception or self-sabotage hid in doorways, assaulted him, and thwarted each venture toward his inner self.

Later, the oppressive weight of years lost in pursuing some unnamable ghost was lifted from his shoulders by the patience of one woman, who saw life as a continuum of beauty and grace. The first time she looked into his eyes, he knew he’d learn a language he had never spoken. The marriage wasn’t without pain, but the one thing it had that little in his life had had to this point was an inarguable truth. She showed him the plan for waiting to be discovered. What he found was not dancing in the stars but inside him, reflected in her eyes. At sixty-two, he met the man he had been chasing all his life and embraced him. He turned his eyes to the paper in front of him. With pen in hand, he prepared to sketch the various patterns that comprised the substance of his life. He put pen to paper and began.

About the Author

Bill Lawlor grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood on the east coast. During his youth, he knew and observed many people, young and old, in their daily lives. Many of them made a strong impression on him. Some were model citizens; others were cruel, selfish individuals. All played a role in the development of the tales in his book.

Sketches” by Bill Lawlor is a compelling read. All characters are beautifully plotted in the story. Get your copy from Amazon today!

Sketches: Tales of People We’ve Known, Loved, and Lost, is self published by author Bill Lawlor

Dated: October 5, 2022

ISBN: 978-1915662071

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