FMUSER Launches Turnkey Solution for AM Radio Station to Reduce Operation Costs and Improve Working Efficiency

“AM broadcast equipment”

FMUSER launched of its brand new AM broadcast equipment series, including solid-state AM transmitters up to 200kW, AM broadcast antennas from medium-wave (MW) to shortwave (SW) type, antenna tuning units (ATU), AM test bench, and AM dummy load. As an important part of the solution, FMUSER AM transmitters can help AM broadcast stations of any size to broadcast safely and efficiently over long distances. The result is to  improve the station’s vitality and popularity, while significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs, including: electricity bills, equipment purchase/replacement fees, equipment maintenance costs, etc. 

“The potential of their turnkey solution is amazing,” said Riaz, an engineer from a top AM radio station in Pakistan.” Whether it is their AM transmitter, AM antennas, or AM radio turnkey solutions, they are always featured by high performance – this helps gain a large number of loyal customers. A positive product image can fundamentally change the issue of customer trust, from a transforming a potentially icy, technology-driven experience into one that feels human-driven and engaging.”

Taking the solid-state AM broadcast transmitter as an example, its all-in-one modular design aims to improve the overall broadcasting efficiency, and at the same time allows the engineers to locate the problems of the transmitter faster. If any problems that caused by the internal problem of the transmitter occurs, the engineers can respond quickly, this helps lead to a better broadcast experience for the audiences.

Tom Leequan, CRO of FMUSER, said: “No matter the size, most AM radio stations are struggling with high monthly station expenses, not only high electricity bills, but also employment costs and various equipment-related expenses. Buyers want to reduce these costs, but most sellers are unable to provide products with high performance and low cost at the same time. This is what makes FMUSER’s solutions special, offer their buyers a variety of options through reliable product quality and complete solutions.”

The AM Transmitters market report indicates that product-led growth affects buyers’ perceptions of brands. Throughout the buying process, performance and cost of an AM broadcast transmitter are always top of mind buyers demand. FMUSER designs AM transmitters by giving teams of engineers access to real customer needs that connect buyers with a specific value proposition by letting the product speak for itself. The company has accumulated customer requirements for AM radio stations from a large amount of past marketing data, and combined these requirements in the new AM transmitter series to help buyers quickly improve product trust.

As a professional AM broadcast equipment supplier, FMUSER has provided industry-leading AM broadcast solutions for dozens of large AM stations around the world with its outstanding cost advantages and product performance.

Ray, Senior Marketing Manager at FMUSER, said of the newly launched AM transmitter series, “Buyers often only focus on price and shipping time, while ignoring many invisible factors. FMUSER’s AM transmitter series was designed with this in mind. One point, up to 72% work efficiency and integrated design can not only improve the high cost of expenditure, but also effectively save energy and reduce emissions and save floor space. The modular design helps the engineer team to perform transmitter repair and daily maintenance faster and better , equipped with AUI can also help engineers remotely monitor the operating status of AM transmitters in real time only through a computer or mobile phone APP. I can see this has a great impact on radio customers, and I am happy to continue to provide more customers with our features Professional products and services.”

At the same time, FMUSER also added the tune network system, several AM broadcast antennas and professional test equipment to the AM broadcast station solution to better serve professional AM broadcast stations.

Choosing FMUSER’s AM broadcasting solution means that you can still build a complete set of high-performance AM broadcasting system with a limited cost – to ensure the quality, long life and reliability of your broadcasting station.


FMUSER is the expert manufacturers and suppliers of radio broadcast equipment from China, with product lines cover from AM transmitters, TV broadcast equipment, studio to transmitter link equipment, complete FM antenna system, IPTV system and radio turnkey solutions. FMUSER serves many different broadcast needs, including drive in, community, campus, mining industry, professional radio, hotel and ultra long distance broadcasting, and focuses on providing affordable professional radio broadcasting technology for small, medium and large radio stations around the world.

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