Leading Bernal Heights, California, Realtor Discusses The Best Time To Sell A Property

It does get cold in northern California. While many are snuggled in trying to stay warm or out enjoying various winter activities, there is one more thing that people can do.

“Winter is an ideal time to buy a home,” said Danielle Lazier, one of the top real estate agents serving Bernal Heights, CA.

This fact may seem counterintuitive to many, but for Lazier and her team of Realtors in Bernal Heights, CA, it makes perfect sense.

“The spring is when home sales really begin to shoot up as people are looking into homes. Families especially are looking into places with good schools, and the spring is the time to do it,” continued Lazier.

Competition is always tight in the San Francisco area. Many homes sell above the asking price with multiple offers coming in on a regular basis. Winter is a good buying time because many people have not finalized decisions about home sales in January and February. Lazier and her team always encourage buyers and sellers to start looking as early as the end of December.

Selling a home does not have to be a trying, difficult time. Danielle Lazier and her team of the best real estate agents in Bernal Heights, CA, have decades of experience in the real estate industry with all of it focused in the San Francisco area. Those looking to relocate, buy or sell should contact Lazier at the website. Visit http://vivrerealestate.com for available properties and contact information.

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