iWorkOut unveils top-rated dumbbell options for home workouts

iWorkOut has curated what it describes as the best dumbbell that anyone can get to use at home.

Working out at home means that one doesn’t always have access to the best and latest equipment. But this doesn’t mean that one can’t get the results they are after. It just means that choosing the right equipment is more important than a lot of equipment. However, selecting the right equipment is another hurdle as a quick online search will reveal a lot of choices that can be overwhelming. Home Gym Equipment has thankfully come up with a list of at home dumbbells that anyone can use to get guaranteed results.

Rubber hex dumbbells

The rubber coated dumbbell heads absorb bumps better, protect floors and the dumbbell from damage. This 6-side designed dumbbell brings one ease and comfort in use while also preventing it from rolling and sliding out of storage. It has engraved, textured patterns around the steel handle to enhance users’ grip significantly. Plus, the semi-gloss finish protects the dumbbell from corrosion and rust. This hex dumbbell is perfect for dumbbell row exercises or any floor exercises thanks to its special shape.

Neoprene dumbbells

These neoprene dumbbells are always ideal for beginners who are still not confident about using the other dumbbells because they are easier to grip. They offer maximum durability and better performance while not requiring a lot of space to store them. For those who might not know. A mini dumbbell rack can hold three pairs of dumbbells. These dumbbells can be used at home or in the gym.

Smaller adjustable dumbbells

The dumbbells are made of high-quality, high-density steel, making them much smaller than conventional concrete or cast-iron dumbbells. With this compact dumbbell the exercises can be performed more effectively, which deepens the muscle stimulation and improves the training effect. What’s more, the weight plates are precisely cut from solid steel. Each weight plate is screwed together and does not come off like conventional weight plates. Its handles are also made of elastic foam that offers extra comfort and protection during workout.

Adjustable dumbbells

This is a much version of the smaller adjustable dumbbells. It comes in a modern shape and with a highly polished surface that provides an artistic look, making it fun to wield. This set includes:

–  2 X 19 chrome dumbbell handles with spin lock (star collars) which is 2.5kg each
–  4 X 1.25kg Hammertone Standard Plates
–  4 X 2.5kg Hammertone Standard Plates
–  12 X 5kg Hammertone Standard Plates

To get these dumbbells and more, visit www.iworkout.com.au.

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