The DogPack App is Providing a Social Media Platform for Dogs to Find Dog Parks and Local Friends

DogPack has launched a free app in countries all over the world to help dog owners find the perfect on- and off-leash parks, trails, beaches, and adventures for their furry friends. Playdates with dog friends in the area are just a download away.

Taking a furry friend to a local on- or off-leash dog park is a great way for dogs and their owners to make new friends and keep in touch with existing ones. This valuable playtime helps a dog socialize so they’re more comfortable around people and other dogs. It also gives them a healthy dose of exercise to keep them feeling their best and not doing zoomies all around the living room! 

The advantages of DogPack App

The DogPack App is the Go-To tool for finding the best dog park; for travelers and locals alike! The app has mapped out all of the off-leash dog parks in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Dubai, and more. Thanks to user suggestions, there are hidden gems of parks on the map, which aren’t available on any other maps. Each park page tracks all the amenities that are available at the park. Users will know from a quick glance if the park has water fountains, a big and small dog separation, is fully fenced, and much more. There are also loads of useful reviews and photos of the parks, so one knows what to expect before they arrive. 

Gone are the days when one walks or drives the whole way to a dog park just to discover there are no other dogs to play with, or there’s a dog the pup doesn’t get along with. With the DogPack App, users can virtually Check In or set a ‘Be There In’ time, and see who else is already there or on their way. 

The social media aspect of the DogPack App is the ideal way to make like-minded friends. Thanks to the incredible filter options on The Feed, one can customize exactly what posts they see. Users get to create profiles for their dogs that they can use to expand their “pack” by adding other dog owners’ profiles. Users can make posts, share photos and videos of their fur baby, and interact with others through direct messages and group chats. 

Participating in the fun also comes with rewards. Users earn badges and treats; the app’s exclusive currency. Treats redeem real-life dog-related prizes and raffle tickets. DogPack has already sent out over $18,000 worth of prizes to their amazing users. 

What’s to come for DogPack App

Currently in the works is the “lost dog” feature. If the unthinkable happens and a dog goes missing, the user will be able to report it on the app. The DogPack App then combines photos and info for that dog and sends out a notification to all DogPack users in the area to alert them. 

The shareable photos and info, along with sending the notification out to all local users, greatly increases the chances of someone finding the missing dog. If others find the dog, or even just spot them, they can contact the owner through the app to keep them updated on their dog’s whereabouts. 


The DogPack App is a great social tool for dog owners everywhere. The website also hosts an awesome Blog with tips and tricks for dog owners, and breed info on over 200 breeds. The fun platform will be rapidly expanding even further to help find lost dogs with its unique ability to connect hundreds, if not thousands, of dog owners in a single area. 

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