Jamie Lee Ahu: The Mako Edge Mentor As The Beacon Of Light For Entrepreneurs

Jamie Lee Ahu has set up The Mako edge to provide expertise on various aspects of business like early-stage entrepreneurship, scaling revenue, fractional COO services, and even life coaching for high performance individuals. The versatility of services includes helping businesses sustainably grow with proven frameworks and systems, developing their brand, and leveraging a diversified team of industry experts for next-level strategy.

The coaching is focused on transformational mindset shifts and incorporates the best of neuroscience + metaphysics.

Being an entrepreneur or running a business is a lonely situation to be in. Making critical decisions and achieving targets takes work, and it can be done with the help of others. An entrepreneur should always have someone who can offer ideas and advice on improving things. They need to have people around them that they can trust and rely on for support when they need it the most. Jamie Lee Ahu, a well-known business coach, can empathize with the situation and how such situations need to be handled.

Jamie is not just an accomplished consultant but also a mentor who can provide guidance and help you reach your goals and dreams. Being a successful businesswoman, she deeply understands what it takes to be successful in the business world. She has been advising on company potential, growth, and goals with personalized guidance for quite some time now.

The consulting works on building processes and systems that identify the magic levers that when pushed appropriately, create the results. Jamie has charted out modules and facilitated transformation shifts with the help of her “Business Accelerator” program. Organizations are implementing Jamie’s tools and strategy to leverage their business and accomplish targets. The Mako Edge delves into redefining the mission goals even to cover short-term and long-term strategies when companies hit a plateau in terms of growth.

The credit to Jamie’s success as a business coach is she also takes on the mindfulness of life and embeds it into the work approach. She first delves head-on into easing the burdens to enable the journey of running the businesses to be smoother and more enjoyable. At the same time, she works on improving the organization’s growth as a coach and mentoring the entrepreneur. The integration of seeking solace in the higher manifestation while pushing towards excellence through renewed vigor has given her the upper hand in connecting with people and their challenges.

Coming from a corporate background and knowing the nitty-gritty of businesses for two decades has given her ample experience and expertise to help people and organizations. Her parents, entrepreneurs themselves, gave her the impetus and fortified her to stand out and achieve in the corporate world.

About the Person

Jamie Lee Ahu spent two decades honing her career in all things “back of the house” and has worked in every function from marketing, accounting, and operations ultimately leaving corporate as an accomplished CFO/COO. Her transition into entrepreneurship blends the two things she loved most in her career, coaching people into their best and growing businesses! After graduating from an ICF-accredited program, The Institute of Coaching Mastery, she formalized her passion into launching an agency for supporting businesses in their growth journey. She believes in combining the best of what to do with who to be.

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