The Hatters and a Nice Old Lady – A Football Fan’s Diary

The Hatters and a Nice Old Lady - A Football Fan’s Diary
Read the story of a retired consultant anesthetist who has passion for football as well as for France and Italy.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s vibrant and full of action. Rubin has been a football fan since childhood, and it’s been a beautiful ride to watch his favourite teams compete.

Anthony Rubin came into the world on Monday, 20th September 1937, in a house on Wembley Park Drive. He started education at Kensworth School, where he acquired a splendid Bedfordshire accent. Rubin details the experiences that changed his life from his childhood to his early twenties.

Rubin writes about his difficulty connecting with his father, who was a boxing fan. He goes on to discuss how he finds solace in the game and how it helped him to get through his father’s death.

Rubin also talks about the sports he played while attending different schools and clubs. He may have spent a lot of time playing different sports, but he was never good at football.

Some of the events that made a significant difference in his life include:

• The Italian Torino football team’s plane crash (1949) was the year he attended his first football match.• The 90th Anniversary of the FA match between England and the rest of Europe at Wembley (1953). • Meeting a renowned Italian footballer in Sestriere (1957).• The World Cup in England (1966).• The Heysel stadium disaster (1985).• The Luton’s Littlewoods Cup victory over Arsenal (1988).• Italia 90 (1990).

This book explores the friendships he built, the people he met who were like him and so passionate about football, and his lack of obsession with anything other than football. As a result, he developed a passion that no one else had as strong.

The Hatters and the Nice Old Lady” is a great read and will soon be available on Amazon and Kindle.

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