Tom Signorelli & WS Capital Fund Announce Financial Boost of $14M to transform the food service space

Tom Signorelli & WS Capital Fund Announce Financial Boost of $14M to transform the food service space

Thomas Signorelli, on behalf of WS Capital Fund, proudly exemplifies their standing as industry giants by providing hefty funding to a contract manufacturer in the food service sector. This financial commitment solidifies their dedication to upholding unparalleled excellence within the field.
WS Capital Fund demonstrates their commitment to their heritage as a leader in the industry with this injection of capital as Thomas Signorelli announces funding of a contract manufacturer in the food service industry.

We are excited to announce that WS Capital Series Fund and Tom Signorelli, one of the leading American financial companies that invest in high-growth private corporations, has confirmed an incredible 14-million-dollar in funding to the food service industry. This tremendous investment marks a milestone for Tom Signorelli’s WS Capital Fund as they enter a new partnership that promises great things ahead. 

“Providing liquidity and fixed asset finance to the consumer product space is our primary initiative,” says Tom Signorelli, owner of WS Capital Series Fund. “So, when we finance a company in our heritage space, it’s an extra badge of honor. The economy is at a pivot point, and consumer products related to food manufacturing will do well going forward.”

The company has decades of experience representing various commercial borrowers and navigating the credit requirements of both traditional and non-bank lenders. Thomas Signorelli and WS Capital Series Fund has a deep understanding of the challenges involved in securing credit on favorable terms.

WS Capital Series Fund aims to address the gaps in private credit markets and serve borrowers more efficiently. The company’s unmatched experience and unrivaled processes are designed to deliver flexibility and speed. They have addressed the commercial credit needs of middle-market borrowers very efficiently.

“At WS Capital Series Fund, we take a holistic approach to understanding credit and think creatively about structuring around transaction risk,” Tom Signorelli from WS Capital Fund added. “We offer our borrowers multiple credit products from our series fund or partner with investors to syndicate transactions.” 

The company (WS Capital Fund) takes pride in its wide range of flexible credit products developed creatively to address various funding needs. They close most of the transactions, even multifaceted ones, in-house to combine certainty with attractive terms. 

WS Capital Series Fund is the premier resource for businesses in the trading, manufacturing, distribution, technology, and services sectors looking for a smooth funding experience on easy terms. The company offers flexible, innovative financial products and time-efficient access to private capital.

WS Capital and Signorelli have consistently provided the necessary guidance and strategy to support various partners and companies in their missions to navigate complex market environments and stabilize their businesses. As a trusted advisor, WS Capital Series Fund strives to empower its partners so they can protect, grow their businesses, and thrive in a highly volatile market.

Thomas Signorelli and WS Capital funds have only just begun with their 14 million dollar investment in the food service industry, and it is not likely to be their last. Keep your eyes open for what exciting opportunities they will bring us in 2023! Tom Signorelli and WS Capital intend to make major investments into the food service manufacturing industry, aiming for a total of more than 14 million dollars! With their ambitious aspirations, they are sure to take this industry by storm.

About WS Capital Series Fund

WS Capital Series Fund, LLC is a top tier All-American financial company that invests in high-growth private corporate entities. Its mission is to ensure that its clients are able to not only survive, but thrive amidst the uncertainties and fluctuations of the financial space. WS Capital is known for the dedication and support it gives its clients through its team of vetted, highly experienced financial experts. WS Capital Fund and Tom Signorelli provide funding products that are efficient, creative, approachable, and flexible. Its commitment to speed and detail means it serves a broad client base with equal attention and diligence. WS Capital remains committed to efficiently addressing the commercial credit needs of middle-market borrowers and investors.

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