How This Online Trainer Is Helping Men Around The World Get Into The Best Shape Of Their Lives Without Excessive Training Or Restrictive Dieting

Benjamin Densmore had always been passionate about fitness. Even before he made the switch to tech sales in 2019, he was already an in-person personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness from 2014 to 2018. He led the company in New Client Sales across the company as well.

His success in sales as a personal trainer led him to become the number one account executive for the duration of his time in tech sales from 2019 to 2022.

However, after being let go from his job in early 2022, Benjamin found himself struggling to find another position, despite having gone on over 100 interviews. As if fate had intervened, it was then that he realized how much he missed his true calling – personal training.

After learning of online fitness coaching, Benjamin saw this as the perfect opportunity and decided to take the plunge into this new business venture.

After all, having worked remotely in tech sales for three years, he understood firsthand the struggles that many remote workers faced with low energy levels and lack of spare time or the required motivation to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Many of them also believed they had to work out 5-6 times a week simply to stay fit – something Benjamin knew wasn’t necessarily true. On top of that, meal prepping was often seen as an obstacle too big for these remote workers who thought they had no choice but to eat chicken and broccoli day after day, if they wanted a lean physique. As he says, “l take the die out of diet”. Instead of these cookie cutter diet plans he lets you eat cookies in your diet plan.

Armed with this knowledge and understanding of common obstacles faced by remote workers when it comes to exercising and dieting, Benjamin set out on a mission – one which would bring him back in touch with his passion for personal training; only this time on a more global scale through online coaching instead of face-to-face interactions like before.

And so began his journey as an online fitness coach – helping people become healthier versions of themselves despite their busy lifestyles or wherever around the world they may be located at any given moment in time!

Benjamin has already been instrumental in the transformation of the minds and bodies of 450 men he’s coached and helped melt 20 lbs of fat in under 90 days, and he’s on a mission to help even more!

To discover more about Benjamin’s services, don’t hesitate to contact him via this address. and visit his website at

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