Stacey St. John – Airbnb or Short-Term Rental Business Mentor Extraordinaire Uplifting Women the World Over

Stacey St. John is a successful real estate investor, entrepreneur, and business mentor who passionately educates and empowers women in the short-term rental industry. She founded an STR investors group where she actively supports ladies worldwide in building knowledge, growing wealth, and living their best life.

Nothing motivates a real estate investor like the potential of earning a high income while living an ideally balanced life. Many wish to and can afford to invest in real estate and are excited about the high returns that a short-term rental (Airbnb) can bring, but they do not know where and how to begin. Others may be seasoned real estate investors and worry about the time it takes to manage their rentals while working a full-time job and caring for their families. 

For women around the world keen to explore Airbnb or the short-term rental (STR) industry, Stacey St. John is one of the most sought-after short-term rental educators for women globally. She replaced her 6-figure W2 income from her STR business in just 18 months and built “The Female Short-Term Rental Investors Facebook group,” a platform she uses to support her community of members and move them to the next level. 

Stacey’s approach doesn’t just focus on business; she balances being a real estate investor with family life and meaningful relationships — it’s what brings out the best in an STR Superhost.

Formerly attached to a global consulting company, Stacey St. John decided to escape the rat race and embark on a sterling career in the STR industry. Besides running a multi-million dollar property investment portfolio and her educational activities, Stacey owns a boutique co-hosting and property management firm, Kozy Getaways. 

The company helps real estate investors run every aspect of their short-term rentals in selected markets with a hands-off and worry-free premium service. Her investments in real estate and a services business come together organically and provide her with an excellent environment to nurture, educate, and empower women. It is a mission she is passionate about and supports through her network-building group on Facebook — comprising some 33,000 women from around the globe. 

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Stacey provides four tracks of learning and self-empowerment, each designed to cater to a potential investor’s drive and readiness. In the STR Success Accelerator program, women learn to focus on the transformational results in their businesses and learn how to build a winning STR plan. It involves acquiring, setting up, launching, and operating the business successfully. 

She provides hands-on support and mentorship, helping women scale when the time is right. Stacey’s STR Fundamentals Course helps women kickstart their momentum in just four weeks, developing the skills to sustain it over time. This unique learning program provides a priceless learning experience, equipping women with the basics of building and growing a profitable short-term rental business.

Stacey augments her educational and inspirational courses with immersive and interactive summits filled with powerful roundtables, panel discussions, keynote speakers, workshops, and one-on-one networking. By bringing together the best minds in the STR industry, the STR Virtual Summit for Women (happening January 24-26, 2023) enables women to connect personally with the best-in-class educators, tech, and service providers and help them bring their STR business to the next level. 

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Networking is what sustains her model and what holds her community together in the joy-filled, supportive, and network-building group she created on Facebook. It’s a platform where her community of boss ladies learns to get to the next level while lifting one another—together they find a balance in both business and personal life.

About Stacey St. John: 

Formerly working for a global consulting firm, Stacey St. John fell into the real estate investment game by accident in 2018. Stacey answered her calling and is passionate about educating and empowering women in the short-term rental industry. She is renowned in the short-term rental industry for helping teach women who are just starting their short-term rental careers. She mentors women on how to improve their mindset, create SMART goals, build their skills, develop solid business systems, and take the actions necessary to build and own a thriving business while allowing for the freedom and flexibility of living a life they love!

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