The Caribbean Can Now Raise Funds Online For Anything On the RHH Platform

RHH (Real Helping Hands) platform helps to raise money for anything online.

RHH (Real Helping Hands) has emerged as an online fundraising platform that offers fast, easy, and effective fundraising. The Caribbean and the diaspora can raise funds online for emergencies, small businesses, positive impacts, charities, and NGOs as well. The crowdfunding platform facilitates individuals, charities, non-profits, and businesses in raising funds through contributions from the general public. RHH intends to introduce crowdfunding to the Caribbeans by individuals and charity organizations that can sign up to raise funds for a meaningful cause.

The Caribbean faces many problems; there are no crowdfunding platforms native to the Caribbean, so traditional fundraising is usually done through a bank which is a constraint for those who are not mobile or do not have a bank account. The International Bank charges a high fee to make a donation to someone requesting help in the region. There are also limited funding options available to small businesses and charities in the Caribbean. People in the region raising funds are required to go to the Western Union and other remittance services multiple times to collect donations from multiple donors. This usually raises suspicion and sometimes being blocked.

The online fundraising platform allows people and organizations to raise funds online without local constraints. It connects campaigns and donors locally, regionally, and internationally. The platform is trusted and provides secure service with a dedicated staff ready to serve the community and provide a single medium to collect multiple donations from all over the world. 

The individuals can start their crowdfunding campaign for nothing by creating an account on the RHH platform. The creation of campaigns involves sharing their story, goals, or rewards. Once the individuals create a campaign, the platform enables them to share their stories on their favorite social media platforms. 

Caribbean’s first crowdfunding platform facilitates various features their individuals that create an account on it, including:

  • Free Campaigns – The platform creates a free campaign and shares it immediately within its network. 

  • Showcase – A crowdfunding platform showcases an individual’s campaign and facilitates the collection of funds.

  • Free Of Costs – The individuals can start a campaign free of cost and 0% fee. Donors pay a 9.5% transaction fee, including a 4% credit card processing fee by Stripe or Paypal, and 5.5% goes to RHH. 

  • Withdraw Funds – The platform provides 100% of funds raised upon withdrawal, and individuals can withdraw it anytime.

The platform offers campaigning perks that attract the campaigners, such as:

  • Social Sharing – The platform allows campaigners, donors, and visitors to share campaigns on various social media platforms with a single click of a button. 

  • Rewards – The crowdfunding platform allows campaigners to set up rewards for prospective backers that donate at the end of the campaign.

  • Live Video – Campaigners can add videos to their campaigns to portray the objective that campaigners are trying to achieve. 

  • Image Gallery – Apart from that, the platform allows the campaigners to add supporting images to improve the look of their campaign.

Furthermore, RHH offers exceptional services in various ways that make it better than others. The platform provides the opportunity for crowdfunding or anything such as charities, businesses, individuals, and much more. It provides 24 hours access to an individual’s dashboard to track their progress. The platform and funds are secured by monitoring 24 hours and providing more ways to share their campaigns through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, as well as Shareable Link.

About RHH:

RHH (Real Helping Hands) is a Caribbean crowdfunding platform that makes easy, fast, and effective fund raised. The platform facilitates the Caribbean, and the diaspores can raise funds for emergencies, positive impact, small businesses, and more. It provides credible services to the campaigners who create an account on the RHH platform.

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