AoonuAuto: Newly Launched Custom Car Accessories with 2023 New Year Special Offers

AoonuAuto: Newly Launched Custom Car Accessories with 2023 New Year Special Offers

“Every individual is a shining star! Customize your car in your own style.”
Exciting news for vehicle owners and car enthusiasts: the leading manufacturer of customized car accessories, AoonuAuto, launched new arrivals and up to 30% off for 2023 New Year holidays!

As LED lights are becoming more and more popular in cars, more and more people are looking for ways to keep their vehicles good looking to show their personality. The leading custom car accessories manufacturer, AoonuAuto is committed to provide high-quality cool customizable accessories for cars with a rich variety of car interior accessories, vehicle floor mats, car door lights projectors and so on to meet the demands of drivers & car enthusiasts in the field of car decoration. In recent years, AoonuAuto has long earned a solid reputation for providing car owners with unique car parts and accessories that embody their peculiar tastes and amplify the beauty of their automobiles.

The protective plates, fitted on the sides of the car, are there to protect from wear and tear. Over the years, scuff plates have transformed into more than simple protective coverings. Illuminated door sill plate, helps drivers and passengers to see when stepping in and out of the car at night.

Making the scuff plate illuminated helps boarding or de-boarding the car easier, when in dark areas. – The Illumination light up the moment car door is opened- adding to the ‘wow’ factor.

Thanks to the premium PMMA acrylic materials and LED tubes used in LED door sill plates, the high quality illuminated door sills can last long life and protect the original door sill plate. With different car logo, pattern or words available, the illuminated scuff plates allow drivers to express their individual style. Customers can also enjoy special holiday offer of up to 30% discount in this Christmas and new year season.

By keeping the principle of “Customer First! Every individual is a shining star.”  , AoonuAuto is committed to provide the most trustworthy car accessories and the best car customization services to every valued customer. There’re more than customized car logo led door sills choices for different drivers’ desires. Drivers and car enthusiasts can also choose the perfect colors, lighting glow modes, control modes and connection versions accroding to their unique tastes and demands among AoonuAuto’s totally customized illuminated door sill plates.

There are five colors modes for customers to select freely. Single-Color-Stay-On Mode is perfect for people who love simplicity. In the single color mode, the LED door sill protector  will stay on one color after the door gets opened. Another single color mode is Single-Color-Flash-Flow mode which adds much lively feelings to the vehicle.

The exciting modes are Colorful Modes including Auto-Changing mode, RF-Remote-Control mode, RF & APP-Remote-Control mode. The LED door sill pro plate with these three colorful modes can change, flash and glow with different RGB colors including white, yellow, orange, red, green, cyan, blue, purple etc. automatically or controlled by the RF or App. The coolest illuminated door sill protector absolutely will make the vehicle an outstanding rock star in the crowd.

In addition, customers can also choose the favorite car door sill pan style among 10 line styles. Either drivers prefer to Sport Fshion or Racing Feeling, they satisfy your unique desires totally! Since these premium led door sills supports IP67 rating waterproof, the luminous car door sill plate allows drivers to enjoy the glow lighting accent safely under any bad weather conditions e.g. rain, fog, snow or storm and so on. The led door sill protector gives more bright visibility to drivers and passengers when stepping in or out of the car especially in the dark to enhance the safety.

High quality led door sill pro plates bring illumination to the front and rear of the vehicle in various colors that reflect drivers’ brand and personalities. Benefiting from the development of automotive industry and technology progress along with customization demands driving, the car door sill plates are not just protectors for door sills any more. Thanks to the leading auto parts brands like AoonuAuto that pay more and more attention and efforts to develop customized car accessories to meet the unique needs from each individual driver and car enthusiast, the custom logo LED door sill protector provides more chances for drivers to show their personalized styles and enjoy more car-life!

If customers would like to get up to 30% discount new year offer for customized cool car accessories, visit AoonuAuto store:

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