MojoAuth Removes the Pain of Passwords for High Growth Businesses

MojoAuth Removes the Pain of Passwords for High Growth Businesses

MojoAuth – A true passwordless solution for high growing companies
Password security is a major concern for businesses in this digital age. From data breaches to stolen passwords, businesses are constantly at risk of cyber attacks. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help businesses keep their data safe and secure: Goodbye to passwords, hello to peace of mind with MojoAuth’s simple passwordless solution for businesses

San Francisco, CA – Jan 11, 2023 – Passwords have long been a pain point for both security and consumers. According to a recent report, According to the 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 81% of data breaches involve the use of stolen or weak passwords. In 2020, the cost of data breaches for small and medium-sized businesses was $200,000 on average, and for large enterprises, it was $8.64 million on average. 

In addition to the financial impact, data breaches caused by passwords can also damage a company’s reputation and customer trust. It’s important for businesses to prioritize strong password security measures to protect against these types of incidents. It’s clear that passwords are no longer sufficient for protecting sensitive data and user accounts.

MojoAuth has launched a simple and effective way for businesses to set up passwordless authentication and say goodbye to the pain of passwords.

“We’ve seen firsthand the damage that can be caused by weak or compromised passwords,” said Dev Kumar, Co-founder of MojoAuth. “Not only do these incidents put businesses at risk, but they also create frustration and inconvenience for users. It’s time for a change.”

That’s why MojoAuth has developed a simple solution for businesses to set up passwordless authentication. With MojoAuth, businesses can secure their data and user accounts without the hassle of passwords.

“Our solution is designed to be easy to implement and use while providing the highest level of security,” said Kumar. “We believe that passwordless authentication is the future, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this movement.”

A lot of MojoAuth’s customers have already experienced the benefits of ditching passwords. “MojoAuth removed the tedious task of creating our own Authentication process and managing the user’s data, along with providing passwordless authentication which is the industry standard these days. The product is simplified, easy to use, and provides a list of customizable components which we can change according to your needs.” Said Ekta S. One of the thousands of happy customers.

If you’re tired of the pain of passwords, consider making the switch to passwordless authentication with MojoAuth. Say goodbye to the pain of passwords and hello to peace of mind with MojoAuth. 

About MojoAuth

Passwords are one of the biggest challenges over the internet for the following reasons:

  • Hard for us to remember and keep track

  • Attackers steal passwords to damage our personal life

  • Hard for businesses to store and process in servers

They are also the number one target of cybercriminals, as 80% of breaches involve weak or stolen passwords. It is a huge nightmare to maintain these painful passwords for everyone.

The idea for MojoAuth arose from this massive pain. MojoAuth is a passwordless authentication solution that allows users to log into the apps without requiring a password.

At MojoAuth, we innovated and built developer-friendly software to remove the need for passwords. We have thousands of developers around the world using the product and building amazing experiences for their customers without worrying about painful passwords. We would like to invite you to our journey for the passwordless world.

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