FullChinese App Announces its Simplified Version of Learning Chinese Language

With the introduction of the FullChinese App, students now reach fluency in a shortened time.

BOSTON, UNITED STATES – January 17, 2023 – An app dedicated to helping students reach fluency in Chinese language, FullChinese, is pleased to announce its optimized version, which now allows users to use any YouTube video in Chinese with caption as study material, in addition to all its preloaded content.

Over the last 12 years, the team at FullChinese has focused all their energy on making the app run smoothly. It has optimized each learning step to save students lots of time, thereby making learning efficient and pleasurable. Since learning Chinese as a second language is an incredible challenge, only a very small proportion of learners would ever reach a high level of proficiency. FullChinese provides the tools to make fluency not only less daunting, but also fun. 

With years of dedication to developing this innovative app, FullChinese helps students learn two to three times faster than they would otherwise.

The FullChinese Offerings

FullChinese was originally specifically designed for intermediate learners who want to achieve a high level of fluency, but it is now a tremendous help for beginners, assuming they get a little help from teachers. 

Following a high rate of students dropping the Chinese language after months or sometimes years of study, FullChinese included an annotation of words and pre-translation of sentences by native speakers, thereby breaking down blocks of texts for students to understand easily. 

The FullChinese partnered with East Coast colleges like MIT, Tufts University and Wellesley College to record some ground-breaking feats, including increased time commitment on the part of the students and the retention of materials studied. FullChinese has a pre-analyzed AI solution that allows students to study their own content. 

It brings the language struggles of the students to its knees with its many features that ensure students stay focused and complete their classes. These features continue to help students decompose characters for better memorization, build their own flash cards, and correctly answer quizzes and an online dictionary containing 15,000 Chinese words, their meanings and usages.

FullChinese Use

FullChinese assumes a basic knowledge of Pinyin and what characters are. To generate funds for further app features, FullChinese offers a group discount, and speedy access to class content.

It also allows students to study texts with videos, and import Youtube videos, as long as these videos have Closed Caption (the CC sign at the bottom). To give a deep in-depth knowledge of how to study the Chinese language faster, the FullChinese App offers a 10-day boot camp, creating flexibility for learners.

Teachers of Chinese language are not left out, as the FullChinese App provides an option to integrate the language in their curriculum. Teachers are given free access to content to support the growth of the language. The management of FullChinese App also helps teachers answer their students’ technical questions.

Teachers are given certifications after learning the interactive aspects of tutoring students. The app is efficient and uses a centralized approach to help tutors navigate through it. 

About FullChinese App

The FullChinese App aims to design a learning ecosystem that allows learners of Chinese language to reach fluency in the shortest possible time. The vision has kept the FullChinese App developers going since its inception 12 years ago. The app differentiates itself by moving students steadily up to the advanced level, by serving as an academic app and centralized language tool.

It has a team of dedicated engineers and linguists who constantly improve on the app’s features to fulfill its purpose as a language oriented app. For the past 6 years, the FullChinese App has been used in major universities in the United States.

Media Contact

Company Name: Gammakite-FullChinese

Contact Person: Emmanuel Roche

Email: roche@gammakite.com

Country: United States

Website: www.fullchinese.com

Media Contact
Company Name: Gammakite — FullChinese
Contact Person: Emmanuel Roche
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: www.fullchinese.com